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: @RadFabPrincess would the whole group be fine??

: RT @justjaredjr: Yes! @PTXofficial just announced the new album and it's coming sooner than you think! http://t.co/6RzbLDdyb2 http://t.co/YaE1xvtOe1

: RT @idolator: Here's what we know about @PTXOfficial's first album of original material (due October 16): http://t.co/B1dge82WrE http://t.co/2zKWqrx7hI

: @AnnaKendrick47 STOP!! We're flattered 😍

: RT @AnnaKendrick47: Bingeing @PTXofficial while I sort recycling. They are monsters. #OrganizingDay #Inspo