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: You're very right! RT “@ptxnewsandstuff: What?! @PTXofficial filming another video with @iamSeanWillis. Can't wait! http://t.co/E5nHHggQbw”

: RT @KOlusola: This is awesome! Thank you Japanese Pentaholics! RT “@Harumi_77: LOOOK !! PTX is No.9 in itunes Japan 😃😍💓🇯🇵 http://t.co/pwRiw…

: Oh, just a casual rehearsal outdoors... :) http://t.co/6Ie7LlBphl

: RT @MTV: Grab your pizza! @PTXofficial's @TMNTMovie music video premieres on MTV next week! #TMNTMovie https://t.co/Qq36NAy3rI

: RT @kirstin_taylor: Because inspiring people makes happy people and happy people make the world a better place. Happy I got to do this:) ht…