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: Celebrate #FBF by going behind-the-scenes of our music video for #PTXPerfect! https://t.co/JSPm4tPV7w #PTXTopPopV1

: Our performance on the @latelateshow on @CBS is reairing tonight! Make sure to tune-in at 12:35AM / 11:35PM Central… https://t.co/9WS5J3XHGJ

: Last but not least, here's our final behind-the-scenes clip from our music video shoot for #PTXPerfect! You can wat… https://t.co/5SWqIQ8X44

: We have one more behind-the-scenes clip to share with you all tomorrow! #PTXTopPopV1 https://t.co/z7IX5xhAG7

: RT @scotthoying: Love this girl so much! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/YbqfXYgVPL