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: Halloween Video Contest: DaftPunk (http://t.co/xaQifjt1H2) vs LoveAgain (http://t.co/c0U4gAZD1L) - RT for DaftPunk | Favorite for LoveAgain

: @israelptx we thought so too :) - but the votes from the original tweet will count!

: Halloween Video Contest: Papaoutai (http://t.co/nRZgohHdwC) vs Aha! (http://t.co/GAS5qjJnDd) - RT for Papaoutai | Favorite for Aha!

: @scomitche we secretly want you to watch it more! ;)

: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! What's everyone dressing up as for halloween? May we suggest this video for inspiration? —> http://t.co/nmGAaT9Gkc