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: Brussels, we can't wait to see all your faces in the audience!! Get ready cause we're heading out to the stage! #PTXBRU #OnMyWayHomeProject

: Brussels! We have some last minute tickets available for our show tonight! Get them here: http://t.co/SxpCPGDYh5 http://t.co/PelIC6PBWB

: Incredible pictures you took from our shows in Germany have been added to FB! See them all at http://t.co/VpBD1tsBH5! http://t.co/nTsqiojNlu

: RT @scotthoying: 🇧🇪 Brussels! 🇧🇪

: Paris is INCREDIBLE!!! 😍 #PTXPAR #OnMyWayHomeProject http://t.co/BvqpNhuC0u