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: RT @Avi_Kaplan: First BBQ #fbf https://t.co/PjwdYgJIaW

: RT @KOlusola: Just a little music making time with the man @Kylemoorman #gettingitright #gettingitdone https://t.co/bAh4L5JUqx

: Head into the weekend by streaming "Hallelujah" on @Spotify! https://t.co/4YKIlHkQip #PTXHallelujah

: RT @KOlusola: Keep your mind open and experience the new.

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: I'm VERY excited about this. Get your tickets and help raise money for the @acappellacademy scholarship fund! https://t.co/dIoKD8rfXP