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: @Hitomimyhomie14 I find the best bbq 😍😍😍

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: @cleanbandit Ahh, thank you so much! And thank you for such a beautiful song, we loved covering it!! :) Much love xx

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: @AlbertFerrebus and we love you!

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: RT @KOlusola: America...we're back :)

: Brisbane, thank you for an amazing last night to tour! We ended it with a bang! We can't wait to tour here again!!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Last show in Australia tonight! Brisbane you ready?!

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: ¡¡¡ Tokyo !!! http://t.co/6UlqOtcDG4

: So much fun!! RT “@Smallzy: On the show and performing @ArianaGrande's Problem isssss @PTXofficial!!!" http://t.co/N1yeFwT7PP

: Good morning from beautiful Sydney! We're so pumped for the show tonight!! Who's coming?!

: RT @ElizabethBanks: .@ptxofficial wins at making music with their mouths. http://t.co/56WPUK0C8X

: @ElizabethBanks WE LOVE YOU

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Getting VERY excited for the show in Melbourne tonight!

: Tokyo, thanks for being spectacular!!! Now on to Australia!!! SO pumped. Let's make this the best last week of tour ever!! :)

: Our amazing crew at our shoot in Tokyo today! Had the BEST time 😍 http://t.co/91kKcRraHz

: Lots of press yesterday, and today an exciting day out in the city!! 😍

: Had such an amazing time yesterday performing at the Kawasaki Mall!! Japan you're amazing! We ❤️ you! http://t.co/PaKaQMtwyK

: @DaichiBeatboxer we love you man!!

: @karen_LGM we love you guys very much!! So happy we sang with you all!

: Come see us & @LittleGleeMonst at 6 PM at the Kawaski Mall! We can't wait to meet you all :) 😘 http://t.co/0ah57q0jqv

: RT @ntv_sukkiri: 【ペンタトニックス】の生歌に、MC加藤・テリー、スタジオ一同が口をポカンと開けて見たり、目を閉じて聴いていたり…。圧巻でした!ぜひ、みなさんにも生歌を体感していただきたいです! #ペンタトニックス #Pentatonix http://t.co…

: Thanks for watching us this morning on @ntv_sukkiri!! Come see us & @LittleGleeMonst at Kawasaki Mall TODAY at 6 PM!

: JAPAN! Tune in this morning to @ntv_sukkiri as we'll be performing on the show!!

: RT @KOlusola: TOKYO WE LOVE YOU ALL!! One of the most fun shows we've had in a long time! Thanks for listening to us at SummerSonic!


: RT @FES_WOWOW: #サマソニ 現地より生放送! with @PTXofficial #wowow #TwitterMirror http://t.co/kQrKbvlytP http://t.co/MFnlfqGQL1

: Hey Guys, be sure to check out our exclusive LIVE performance of PROBLEM on @SaturdayOnline around 11pmEST.! http://t.co/ogyDndUNeZ

: First show EVER in Japan! Soooo fun 😍 arigatou gozaimasu~! http://t.co/yliHE8f7Xv

: THREE SOLD OUT SHOWS! Can't believe it. Thank you so much, Singapore! It was a blast. 😊✨ http://t.co/6oaLhG8ohV

: OSAKA, JAPAN! We're about to go on! We are SO. EXCITED. 🇯🇵❤️

: RT @KOlusola: Can't believe this store in Japan! All Penta-fied!! RT “@Pentaholic11: I'm in the wrong place http://t.co/xR914oKrkZ”

: Can't wait to make our debut performance in Japan tonight at @SummerSonic_Osk!! SUPER excited!! Come see us at the Flower Stage :)

: おはよう, Osaka! 😍

: Japannnn, here we come! :)

: We LOVE you, Singapore!!! 'Til next time! 😍

: HELIUM + @Avi_Kaplan = GREATNESS http://t.co/eOHxy1YK6a

: RT @HuffingtonPost: Listen to Pentatonix cover "Problem" http://t.co/lIScEDUDQQ

: RT @OnAirWithRyan: Watch: @PTXofficial [Pentatonix] drops A cappella cover of @ArianaGrande's "Problem!" http://t.co/vQhNqmZZeF http://t.co…

: RT @MTV: .@PTXofficial just blew me away with their cover of @ArianaGrande's "Problem": http://t.co/Z69ky31ifT

: @ArianaGrande we love you Ariana!!

: RT @ArianaGrande: omg y'all. my favs. been waiting! better SING 🙌 i love u “@scotthoying: @PTXofficial Cover @ArianaGrande's "Problem" http…

: NEW VIDEO & ALBUM!!! Watch our video of Ariana Grande's “Problem” and get the track when you pre-order #PTXVol3 ---> http://t.co/OV4Fko4QuL

: #PTXVol3 has arrived!!! Pre-order now on @itunesmusic and get our cover of @arianagrande's "Problem" immediately! --> http://t.co/lfFjJpbrt2

: Seoul, we loved you guys!! Thank you for coming out! Singapore, here we come!! :) http://t.co/xvt3xlAiGi

: We love you :)

: Just two days until you can pre-order #PTXVol3 and watch our newest music video from the album! Who's excited?! http://t.co/m8d7FZmGgG


: RT @HyundaiCard: 현대카드 CITYBREAK 2014 DAY 2!! Maroon 5, Richie Sambora, Lupe Fiasco, Pentatonix and many more.. http://t.co/42HF3h827F http:…

: RT @KOlusola: Thank u @hellojeana for this amazing present at Incheon airport!! We can't wait for the Citybreak Festival tomorrow! http://t…

: RT @scotthoying: Korea! We are on our way 😍✈️ http://t.co/f8lTFWPBED @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan (📷@ESTArose) http://t.co/rYXVWVo3SF

: In a double decker plane headed to Korea!!! So obviously we are geeking out right now. See you guys soon! So excited! http://t.co/zfnX8jZEFY

: RT @billboard: Pentatonix Sets 'Vol. 3' Release Date, Second Holiday Album http://t.co/0IakCiavTP

: Thx for tuning in to our @Google+ Hangout! Missed it? ---> http://t.co/EhUT00RB1A

: TUNE IN NOW! PTX @Google+ Hangout ---> http://t.co/KPDHs1yQCj

: ABOUT TO START OUR @GOOGLE HANGOUT! ---> http://t.co/GpU4fy4VKr http://t.co/9hzfJ2bMjo

: Going live on @Google+ Hangout in 15 min! You know you want to hang with us.. special announcements! ---> http://t.co/KPDHs1yQCj

: RT @KOlusola: Get. Ready.

: @PTXgermany @google no it isn't. it's 9:30pm in germany.

: INTERNET!!! Join us tomorrow (8/7) at 3:30PM ET for an announcement-filled @Google+ Hangout. Submit questions here: http://t.co/KPDHs1yQCj

: Have you checked out our #TMNTMovie music video yet? Watch it here --------> http://t.co/BCSqbW6VQn

: RT @kirstin_taylor: We've become experts at getting through early mornings and long days... @Starbucks ❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/q1tX9vioT4

: RT @billboard: Watch @PTXofficial give @TMNTMovie fans the perfect theme song: http://t.co/VkAokQNVQz

: We love this!! Makes us look verrrrry cool!! Thanks, @VictoriaZiazina! http://t.co/0cAQzLp72X

: Morning flight to NYC ✈️❤️

: RT @MTVNews: Turtle Power? Ninja Power! The @PTXofficial @TMNTMovie music video is here! http://t.co/cEwOclG0fL #TMNTMovie

: @JaneTranslates glad you enjoyed it!!

: @iTherry @PeterHollens thank you!!!

: @Maverickality @Kaplanite1 @MTV you can watch it in our YouTube channel!!

: @aryazboy @scotthoying @Alexander_Kirk @MTV thank you!!

: @GleefulChibi thank you!!

: @TheFabFace @iamrodcastro @Avi_Kaplan hahaha that's awesome!

: @PTXisEverything thank you!!

: @PTXisEverything @scotthoying yaaaaay!!

: @heide_hosen @scotthoying @Alexander_Kirk @MTV glad you liked it!

: @TheRevREN hahaha yessir!!

: Shoutout to @scotthoying and @Alexander_Kirk for writing that epic anthem, #WeAreNinjas!! #TMNTMovie @MTV

: @_pentaholic_4 @TMNTMovie thank you!

: @stephenfmusic glad you like it!!

: NEW VIDEO!!! Check out the world premiere of our @TMNTMovie music video! Check it out here ---> http://t.co/KXYt4z7cJM #TMNTMovie

: RT @MTV: Thank u guys so much! Follow @ptxofficial! NEW MATERIAL COMING! Hope you enjoy our @TMNTMovie music video tonight! Love yall<3 -@s

: RT @MTV: Our first time being in NYC and LA at the same time! ;) -@scotthoying https://t.co/vlmHcjYc3i

: RT @MTV: I suck at skateboarding lmao -@scotthoying https://t.co/xd1gGQvZCf


: RT @MTV: Pentatonix's #TMNTMovie dancers KILLING it! -@scotthoying https://t.co/0Q6HW04ogB

: RT @MTV: .@allie3ga @PTXofficial Literally the FIRST thing I did! hahaha -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@GleefulChibi @PTXofficial Totally surreal! We grew up watching MTV, so being on it is a dream come true! -@scotthoying


: RT @MTV: .@Avi_Kaplan & his ninja crew on the #TMNTMovie music video set! -@scotthoying http://t.co/nBLA1ehADp

: RT @MTV: .@monica_lovesPTX 10000% SLAYAGE; WE WERE IN AWE -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@shanilpanara Usually 3 or 4! -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@monica_lovesPTX Yessss! All sorts of treats! @mitchgrassi found them immediately. -@scotthoying http://t.co/s43ybFg1mk

: RT @MTV: .@perksofScomiche YES! @kirstin_taylor was almost taken OUT by a giant moving camera, but did a last second matrix move to dodge i…

: RT @MTV: .@8BeatMeasure Yes. That's honestly been our plan all along #TeenageSingingNinjaTurtles -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@eatmahbananaslo Well, @mitchgrassi & I are big caffeine fans, so we def did a few cups of coffee & slowly transitioned to Redbul…

: RT @MTV: .@superptonix SO FUN! They were SO good. We can barely WALK in rhythm, so seeing them dance so full out was incredible. -@scotthoy

: RT @MTV: Us in front of the boombox wall! We were obsessed with it! -@scotthoying #TMNTMovie #AskPTX http://t.co/OFLO5NPWUH

: RT @MTV: .@heide_hosen @PTXofficial Honestly, our group probably loves it more than TMNT if thats possible. STUFFED CRUST FOR DAYS -@scotth

: RT @MTV: .@Scomitche Arrived at 6pm and we wrapped at 6am! So 12 hours :D -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@KOlusola and I messing around at wardrobe during our #TMNTMovie music video shoot. Love this guy! -@scotthoying http://t.co/kx4v…

: RT @MTV: .@PTXTorrie @PTXofficial You can neveeeeeeer go wrong with Pepperoni ;) -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: .@karlaandbritney @PTXofficial @TMNTMovie 11:21pm EST!!! DONT MISS IT! It's during Wolf Watch! -@scotthoying

: RT @MTV: Hey guys it's @scotthoying from @PTXofficial! I'm taking over @MTV's Twitter for our #TMNTMovie music video! #AskPTX http://t.co/b…

: We're taking over the @MTV twitter to talk about the @TMNTMovie and answer questions. Head over NOW and tag all the questions with #AskPTX

: RT @MTV: Before their @TMNTMovie music video premiere tonight, go behind the scenes with @PTXofficial: http://t.co/nUtNyoPfXA #TMNTMovie

: 🎄😉 http://t.co/qeIDKDauJx

: ONE MORE DAY til our music video for @TMNTMovie premieres on @MTV 😍 We are so excited for y'all to see!!!!

: RT @MTV: Cowabunga! @PTXofficial will be taking over our Twitter TOMORROW in honor of their @TMNTMovie music video! #TMNTmovie http://t.co/…

: Wow! 6 million subscribers on @YouTube! Thank you guys so much for always supporting us. We LOVE you #Pentaholics :)

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: I really can't explain to you all how excited I am for you guys to hear all the new @PTXofficial stuff...

: Excited to be coming to Japan in 2 weeks for the first time to perform at @summer_sonic. See you there!!

: THIS THOUGH. Love! @Beyexi http://t.co/y4bThFU26I

: Rozzi, how are you so good?! “@rozzicrane: New @samsmithworld cover w/ my fav singers @scotthoying @mitchgrassi https://t.co/Z0B6P3Tgni

: You're very right! RT “@ptxnewsandstuff: What?! @PTXofficial filming another video with @iamSeanWillis. Can't wait! http://t.co/E5nHHggQbw”

: RT @KOlusola: This is awesome! Thank you Japanese Pentaholics! RT “@Harumi_77: LOOOK !! PTX is No.9 in itunes Japan 😃😍💓🇯🇵 http://t.co/pwRiw…

: Oh, just a casual rehearsal outdoors... :) http://t.co/6Ie7LlBphl

: RT @MTV: Grab your pizza! @PTXofficial's @TMNTMovie music video premieres on MTV next week! #TMNTMovie https://t.co/Qq36NAy3rI

: RT @kirstin_taylor: Because inspiring people makes happy people and happy people make the world a better place. Happy I got to do this:) ht…

: SINGAPORE!!! Tickets for our August 14th show at Marina Bay Sands are ON SALE NOW!!! Get your tix here ---> http://t.co/hwrJUK27OZ

: @Lavernecox ps. our managers are arranging a hang for us next week. we can't wait to meet you (we hope)!!!

: We're finally hitting Japan, y'all! https://t.co/gNvTzUmKNI

: Bunch of rerecords today! Trying to make this album as perfect as can be! :)

: Um. Adorable. @nadyku http://t.co/Cqz8qT5dHw

: @Lavernecox WOW, coming from you that means a lot!!

: A week of recording insanity. Lets do it!

: RT @kirstin_taylor: Busy day running errands. Now learning some new @PTXofficial arrangements 😍❤️ excited!! Busy week ahead!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Oh man... These new @PTXofficial tracks >>>

: RT @KOlusola: AHHHH @thebenbram and I just finished arranging the original @scotthoying and I wrote. And I'm sobbing.

: RT @KOlusola: Uh oh these albums are about to be SO. DOPE.

: RT @spinorbinmusic: CONFIRMED: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) will add a 2nd show in Singapore! More deets to follow. RT!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: This new @PTXofficial music is EVERYTHING.

: Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to our @Patreon Spreecast! If you wanna support us, visit http://t.co/3Hn9SH23Ab for more details!❤️

: Tampa, we had an amazing time performing at @BuschGardens yesterday!! Thank you for being amazing! Now back home to LA :)

: RT @scotthoying: Wow. What a show, Florida! We hear y'all broke Busch Gardens attendance record! Epic! 😍

: RT @BuschGardens: Don't forget, the concert at Summer Nights tomorrow! @PTXofficial will be rocking the stage @ 8:30pm http://t.co/LsMEJlr8…

: SINGAPORE!!! We've added a second show at MBS Sands Theater on Aug 13th. Tix on sale Tuesday, July 22 @ 10am ---> http://t.co/GQqwQFTGMI

: Arranging day fun! :) http://t.co/IYxDa7R2SV

: Yay!! RT “@Harumi_77: 31 more days until Summer Sonic Osaka 🇯🇵 ! JUST 31 more days to see PTX !!! Can't wait 😊💓 http://t.co/2A3YffbiKk”

: Back on the grind working on music!! Love staying busy! And we love the music we've been working on...promise to share very soon. :)

: @PennMasala Epic!!!

: RT @scotthoying: had the worlds most epic writing session with @KOlusola today 😍

: Our Australian tour dates in August are almost sold out!! Can't wait to meet all you guys! Get your tickets asap! --> http://t.co/ECUrAHCIYV

: @maya_is_a_poo there's a 2nd show. tix on sale in 5 minutes. ---> http://t.co/c7EYm7jn6m

: SYDNEY!!! WE'VE ADDED A SECOND SHOW ON AUGUST 27TH. TIX AVAILABLE AT 11AM AEST (12 minutes from now) ---> http://t.co/c7EYm7jn6m

: RT @frontiertouring: Tickets to Pentatonix (@PTXofficial)'s first ever Australian shows are now on sale to the general public! http://t.co/…


: These @acappellacademy kids are amazing! Can't wait to perform w them Saturday. http://t.co/OWou5aixBM Get tix @ http://t.co/0flZaSXFZn

: RT @scotthoying: Had a blast performing at A cappella Academy today 😍 Such talented, smart, and passionate kids!

: Happy 4th y'all!!

: Have you picked up the PTX Songbook yet? You can sing some of the arrangements we've done from PTX Vol. I & II! Info: http://t.co/83RciymVmI

: Early morning and late night! But can't wait to share what we've been doing! ;). Working hard!!

: just shot a new video :) wrapped at 6am! we're exhausted, but it's all gonna be worth it! @mtv @tmntmovie http://t.co/8BP1qNPnY6

: Check out this awesome review of our show in san diego, plus an interview with our own @mitchgrassi http://t.co/MUFJ4lJnim

: All back in LA safe and sound! Gotta get a good night's rest tonight...exciting day tomorrow! :)

: What an incredible turnout tonight, and in our home state, TX!! We had so much fun performing tonight!! http://t.co/B0THkHo2vc

: RT @KOlusola: Allen TX ARE YOU READY

: It's a windy day in Allen, TX but we are SO pumped to perform in a few hours!!! Gonna be a great night! 😊

: Allen, Texas! We are on our way to you :) http://t.co/INSEZy8pV1

: Milwaukee! Felt incredible to perform on that @Summerfest stage. Thanks for being amazing!! Now, travel day! Texas, here we come!! :)

: @juustlikekamii 👋

: @SarBear24k Thanks for the scrapbook! We love it! #ptxcommunityday 😍 http://t.co/6PIyuIjITh

: Check out our interview with Milwaukee's @journalsentinel! #summerfest http://t.co/6NT54ACH0d

: RT @kirstin_taylor: Oh hey @Summerfest, you ready for tonight!? 😜💕🎶

: Thanks to all who came to our Milwaukee All Access interview! Nice meeting y'all! http://t.co/dptEUUogQE

: RT @hellogiggles: One More Reason We Can't Wait For @PitchPerfect 2 http://t.co/3Il9sakkwS Spoiler: It has everything to do w/ @PTXofficial

: RT @KOlusola: Oh man I'm excited for @Summerfest tonight! Who's coming to see us?!

: Wooo! @Summerfest, We have arrived. Who's coming tomorrow?!

: “@ElizabethBanks: Welcome to the @PitchPerfect 2 team, @PTXofficial. http://t.co/1Gg5VrtfOH” honored to be a part of it! 😍

: RT @EW: EXCLUSIVE: @PTXofficial joined the @PitchPerfect 2 cast. Here's who they're playing: http://t.co/lCC7TgNv7b


: Another song recorded! Knocking them out one by one!!

: Lots of shows this week! Who's comin out to see us perform?! http://t.co/YVI7hpdroJ

: RT @thebenbram: If you're in LA on July 12, come check out this amazing show! The kids of my camp @acappellacademy and @PTXofficial! http:/…

: to our patrons - thanks SO MUCH for supporting us on @patreon! now time for twitter followback!! http://t.co/XEDt7RWNjW #PTXlovesPATRONS #FF

: RT @INTSonyMusicJP: 【ペンタトニックス7/30発売国内盤☆】『PTX Vols.1&2 (ジャパン・エディション)』には、CD収録されなかった楽曲や、新たに<アナ雪>の「レット・イット・ゴー」のカヴァーも新録!http://t.co/K9LoXChTMm h…

: Awesome article featuring our amazing production manager, @Darienkoop :) http://t.co/avnIv09VUH

: Some aca-awesome things are happening! :) http://t.co/f7Kn8zHBpX http://t.co/rY0ga9BEe2

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Come see @PTXofficial and the students of @acappellacademy perform in our showcases on July 12th! Details here ---> http://…

: RT @kirstin_taylor: Can't get our new @PTXofficial arrangement out of my head...you guys...just wait! 😍❤️😍❤️

: @Ay_Street thank you!!

: @rocketdreamers haha happy you like them! More to come soon :)

: @strawberry_koko thank you! More originals coming at you soon!

: @mrudy281 HAHAHAHAHA

: @easyyjabkita yaaaaaay!

: @globallyloving we'll have to think about it!!

: @jamesresendes hahaha wow we're happy you like our videos! More to come :)

: @imphilya_com glad you enjoy them!

: @Ctfxcer_lee @jakemiller @Timeflies @OfficialSoMo it's gonna be fun times!!

: @ceramicangelxo thanks for listening to our music daily!

: @CaptainDoakenst hahaha can't believe how long ago that was!

: @_LdnLeo hahaha we're glad you enjoy it!

: @Parcszxc thank you! We appreciate it :)

: @amattus2 hope you did well!

: @lmnking @scotthoying @mitchgrassi that are veeeery cool peoples.

: @ChibiKuro_Kitty @YouTube @mitchgrassi @scotthoying we're happy you like it!!

: @JocelynMKemp @Chris1Bartholic thank you!

: @CathiSmith1 @edsheeran we need to listen to it!

: RT @KOlusola: Uh oh, we just finished an arrangement of another song, and it's veeeerrry fun to sing. #ptxalbumplanning #insanity

: More recording today! 😍#ptxalbumplanning

: And huge thank you to @taolasvegas @PalazzoVegas and @MIKESNEDEGAR for making this weekend so epic! 😍🎉


: Can this please be us? RT “@superfruitfaces: gotta catch em all @PTXofficial http://t.co/TQi9qoUHeL”

: Had an amazing time performing for @Walmart shareholders! Thanks for having us! And thanks @SamsClub as well!! http://t.co/fPiEred8iM

: So much new music coming!! :) Ahhh!

: We all met and sang together for the first time 3 years ago today! Surreal :') http://t.co/1z3bzlxH1Q http://t.co/iXKipTYDXV

: What if we were the Avengers? RT “@lexielou29: @KOlusola @BethMGx http://t.co/KgI2AoMo3j”

: Testing out new mics with @thebenbram! We can't wait to show you all new material! http://t.co/RYQbLhoe1x

: Here it is, guys! Our last episode of #ptxperience! Thanks so much for watching. We love you all! 😘 http://t.co/nHD9FCTRqA

: RT @KOlusola: Focused. #ptxalbumplanning

: Our original song “Love Again” has almost 4M views 😍! Don’t forget today's the last day of our #LoveAgainMC contest! https://t.co/MY1Lnf0SE5

: @BronachCrabtree next time!!

: SO MANY AMAZING #LOVEAGAINMC ENTRIES!!! Love yall!! We posted some of our faves so far on facebook! Keep posting! https://t.co/lKjRAU2ozF

: @mickfinney YES 😘😘😘

: LOVE AGAIN MAKE UP CHALLENGE! Tweet us your Love Again themed make-up with the hashtag #LoveAgainMC and we will post our favorites! :)

: Also, huge thanks to #PTXperience's director @RyanParma for working so hard and being awesome! We love you!

: NEW #PTXperience in Europe! http://t.co/ufP3RrKW5f

: Wow! Over 1M views on the video for our original song from #PTXVol2 "Love Again"! Thanks for the support, y'all ;) https://t.co/pF8n3LTdOU

: @ParkerLaPrairie Thank you for watching ❤️❤️❤️

: @eatmahbananaslo Hahaha thanks!

: @RickyPDillon hahaha thanks dude! Glad you love the music!!!

: @ScottPorter thanks man!!

: 👽👽👽👽👽☺️ “@HuffingtonPost: You'll see Pentatonix in a whole new light after this http://t.co/Ct3zwl8tPP

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Check out the new @PTXofficial video if you haven't already ;D https://t.co/DfuNuay6A9 http://t.co/WF3v3C5RwF http://t.co/…

: Also, can't believe how well Love Again is doing! 😍😍😍 Pentaholics are EVERYTHING! https://t.co/pF8n3LTdOU

: Overwhelmed by all the support we're receiving on our new @Patreon page! Thank you, thank you, thank you! http://t.co/YaNta17Scp :)

: Launched our @Patreon page today! Become a patron a get all sorts of fun things:) http://t.co/XEDt7RWNjW http://t.co/m2OC5fmkgW

: NEW VIDEO! Our original song "Love Again" from #PTXVol2! We hope you all enjoy it! https://t.co/pF8n3LTdOU

: RT @kirstin_taylor: SO excited for this new @PTXofficial video I can't even go back go sleep!!! Who's with me!? 😜💕 Only a few more hours!

: RT @KOlusola: Tour is officially over. Wow. This has been an absolutely incredible ride in Europe. We love you all, and can't wait to see y…

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Dublin you almost ready?!

: We are dead. Marry us, @christinaperri ❤️😍 http://t.co/FrUw0oI1Na

: Happy birthday to the lovely lady in our band, @kirstin_taylor! She's 22, y'all!! http://t.co/bToyyz0O9R

: RT @Maisie_Williams: You guys KILLED it. I am officially the biggest pentaholic there is. Thankyou so much for having me😍👧💅 @PTXofficial ht…

: RT @scotthoying: Team dinner in Glasgow, Scotland! Home stretch of tour; Can't believe it's almost over 😭

: RT @Popdust: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Sign A Record Deal With RCA Records! http://t.co/4X5M9q2585 @OnAirJake @scotthoying @PTXofficialFAN

: RT @THR: Pentatonix Signed to RCA Records http://t.co/YI7hJ52C0R @PTXofficial

: Ahhh! Huge thank you to Marcos Bessa from Lego for making little Lego versions of us! 😍 http://t.co/wCu8Tyaop2 http://t.co/NgveV8lEYk

: Excited to be part of the family!! RT “@RCARecords: Welcome to the RCA Records family @PTXofficial!! http://t.co/8er9O6PMtL”


: Working. On. Original. Music.

: Pentatonix as the Avengers! http://t.co/HyiwkFGXV6

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Glasgow @Garageglasgow VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/Z4sYVmFYap http://…

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Oxford @O2AcademyOxford VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/7vd9qdSrQw http:/…

: New episode of #PTXperience in Europe!!! http://t.co/3jVXDRLkNr

: PADOVA ITALY! We're excited for the show tonight! Y'all ready to have some fun? :)

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Manchester @MancAcademy VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/ecmAOyqv78 http:/…

: The beautiful and talented @kinagrannis just released a MIND BLOWING album! We are obsessed 😍 Go check it out! ❤️ http://t.co/DyiwYKVWM0

: RT @scotthoying: natural disaster + #googleglass = me living out all my star trek fantasies 😂thanks @VOA_News/@CarolynVOA! http://t.co/666d…

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Zurich VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/BPg0ccsTpI! #PTXperience http://t.…

: Prague is stunning! Had fun on our little PTX outing today. ☺️ http://t.co/bgp3Qke1h2


: #PTXperience in Europe BEGINS http://t.co/4TAwcDiHi3

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Padova VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/j828XNL4wU! #PTXperience http://t.…

: RT @scotthoying: Loving that all the Pentaholics are rocking their merch today! ❤️😍 #PTXCommunityDay

: Pentaholics are so awesome! Check out these awesome hats and license plate a fan made for us! http://t.co/HpT72dOxmc

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Munich VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/pQq3g21BDx! #PTXperience http://t.…

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Show in Hamburg, Germany tonight! Who's going to be there?!

: We LOVE you Amsterdam!

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Vienna @gasometervienna VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/VVIiY2loqm http:/…

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Amsterdam show tonight! Who's coming?!

: Thanks @fusetv http://t.co/wUnO10utAr

: Amazing day out in Antwerp, Belgium!The fries are delllliiiicccciouuuusss! http://t.co/h1zDI9Jud2 http://t.co/BVB5zUQo2e

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Prague @lucernamusicbar VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/HxjJK3kSj5 http:/…

: In Paris tonight 😍

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Berlin @huxleysneuewelt VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade at http://t.co/BLJTXRA1jf! http:…

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Hamburg VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Limited Packages Remain at http://t.co/SnovnvZe9j! http://t.co/OyLmf2TH…

: Tonight's our first show of our European tour! Birmingham, are you ready?

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Amsterdam @ParadisoAdam VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket Upgrade 2 VIP http://t.co/QiXfmp83v9 http…

: Catch the last North American #PTXperience right here!! You'll DEFINITELY want to watch the ending :) https://t.co/IIhCS7uzv4

: @MKanwarjit it's Gonna be a good time!

: @bbbezziez001 Awww maybe next time!

: @migscardoso we hope that happens soon!

: @liesiemoo see you then!

: @RexAbagaaaaat you can buy them online!

: @arencegabriel well, we will be at SummerSonic in Tokyo and Osaka Aug 16th and 17th!

: @hnh6726 hahahaha

: @KimPiggie sweet! Where are you seeing us?

: Just arrived in London! Wednesday starts our UK/European tour! http://t.co/VhM98foTKt

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Antwerp @TRIX_online VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade 2 VIP @ http://t.co/YBu3qYxQPk http…

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial Paris @le_bataclan VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade To VIP at http://t.co/bsqHUlGhEC http…

: RT @OTLPresents: @PTXofficial London @o2sbe VIP Upgrade Sales Close Soon! Have A Ticket? Upgrade To VIP at http://t.co/9T5BjqCygW http://t.…

: @MarkTweeted awesome! We'll be in Europe on Monday, so come see us in concert! http://t.co/YVI7hpdroJ

: RT @OTLPresents: Reminder! @PTXofficial VIP Upgrade Sales Close 5 Days Prior To Show! Birmingham, London & Paris Close Soon! Info at http:/…

: RT @OTLPresents: PENTAHOLICS! @PTXofficial VIP Upgrade Sales Close 5 Days Prior To Show! Get Yours NOW at http://t.co/zJa9k9Mqcl http://t.c…

: Europe tour is just around the corner! Y'all getting excited?

: RT @KOlusola: Well...tour was epic. http://t.co/YxdWI9CSfs

: RT @THR: CONCERT REVIEW: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Closes an Evolution Chapter at Sold-Out Beacon Theatre in NYC http://t.co/FZCwFkSbZI

: Newest #ptxperience is up! It's a very fun episode :) http://t.co/fyBWwNEioz

: Thank you all for such an amazing North American tour! We love you all!! Europe, UK...y'all ready? :)

: NYC!!! if you're near @thebeacon, we've just released 5 tickets to our sold out, final show of this north american tour. come & get em!

: .@mitchgrassi LOVES New York City! http://t.co/Dp1KUl2A4a

: Have a ticket to a stop on our upcoming European tour? Upgrade your tix to a VIP Experience! http://t.co/PG7afIjil9 http://t.co/BuWzp5jaKl

: @Palikenei808 thank you!!!

: @ReneeMarie64 whooooo!

: @jaaaaamesvong wish you could have been there!

: @passthemustard thanks for coming!!

: @Ann_Key_RedHair don't say that! Maybe we will!

: @aniranitsirk and we can't get enough of youuuuu!

: @forevfabulous yaaaaas

: @WordFederation thank youuuuu

: @ishito80 see you there!!

: @Pentaholics_SA yeeeeees

: @the_rachel_wall it was fun! Y'all were crazy

: @forevfabulous sleeping sounds like a good idea right now.

: @1DeeCee84 thanks!

: @ukissaddict97 and we're into you :)

: @ReemaJK thanks for coming!

: @Rainne101 @YouTube AHHH thank youuuu

: @sup3rfruitler hopefully it's sooner than later lol

: @sup3rfruitler glad you're enjoying them!!

: @InfinityImane see you soon :)

: @legendavey glad you like it!

: @LizzieSpector awesome! Happy listening :)

: @LauTarquino hahaha glad you like the music, but go to bed!!

: RT @KOlusola: I broke my D string on my cello tonite before the concert in Toronto. We got a new one back on literally 9 min before the con…

: thnx for the love!!“@ClassicalMPR: Brian Newhouse and @Tesfawon share how they discovered @PTXofficial http://t.co/eFIVfuRnLM”

: TORONTO!!! Y'all ready to have fun tonight?

: We were on @nbcchicago @247CitySecrets on saturday night, check it out here ~~~~> http://t.co/wrZSsPCzKX

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Pentaholics are everything.

: Chicago! Be sure to check us out tonight at 1230 am on @nbcchicago @247CitySecrets

: Thanks for the interview! RT “@MeghnaWBUR: Hey! Yes! That's @PTXofficial live in our studio! @RadioBoston @WBUR http://t.co/FuCDj55Dyy”

: We are LIVE right now on NPR @WBUR Boston!!

: Newest #PTXperience is up!! Check it out! http://t.co/CNB8EI4O4d

: LUV U! RT “@Lupita_Nyongo: Just watched ptxofficial live. So proud of my friend @KOlusola & his peeps. #choirgeeks. http://t.co/vozscPbe3L”

: We luv u! RT“@ToriKelly: obsessed with these freaks. their live show is absolutely incredible. my heart @ptxofficial http://t.co/jGKarYjgwA”


: RT @KOlusola: Today, my NYCers, is going to be epic. Who's ready for the concert tonight?

: Ahhh love this article! Thanks @broadwayworld <3 http://t.co/IO1WhBMGiO

: Day off! Time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep 😴😴😴😴😴

: Thank you, Charlotte!! http://t.co/WiBnL2jSbf

: Day off in DC! What should we do?!

: NEW EPISODE OF THE #PTXperience! You get to watch us arrange! :) http://t.co/wLQFE8WquT

: RT @OTLPresents: Pentaholics! The @PTXofficial European Tour Is Getting So Close! Have A Ticket? Upgrade To VIP at http://t.co/zJa9k9Mqcl!

: Milwaukee!!! We're excited to announce we are performing at Summerfest this year!! Get tickets fast! http://t.co/gjTgq9adLo

: Nice meeting y'all! “@KateUpton: @justinverlander and I covering up cwilliams728 baby bump haha! @PTXofficial http://t.co/MsRpz6lyVK”

: Such a fun show, Orlando! 😍 Thanks for having us!

: Having THE MOST FUN EVER at @UniversalOrl!! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is A DREAM! http://t.co/BuxCgh8IPi

: RT @chanchamp23: Twinning at the PTX concert. 😜💥🔮 @ironcitybham zoe_blytheeee http://t.co/px54pptiyE

: @Anboy88 thanks for the follow! :D

: The cutest thing we've ever seen. https://t.co/JM81mRGaTM

: Cool chill cover of Natural disaster by @JackiePock and her band! http://t.co/go7SKcZ1b1

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: I still can't believe @PTXofficial is playing @TheRyman tonight...

: Nashville. Are you all ready?


: @carlyraejepsen thanks for the follow! :D

: 1, 000, 000 views in a day! Ahhh! Y'all make us so happy ;) https://t.co/vswdi0Nds6

: NEW VIDEO! Our cover of "Happy" by @Pharrell :) Hope y'all enjoy!! https://t.co/vswdi0Nds6

: Thank you @Pollstar for our first cover (featuring photos by @ESTArose & an interview w/ @jkthreethousand)!!! ---> http://t.co/PUDBo4l4dT

: We are HAPPIER than ever to release this new video tomorrow! 😍❤️

: NEW VIDEO COMING OUT MONDAY! 😍 😍😍 http://t.co/bWDBVngqVB

: Our new #PTXperience episode is up!! http://t.co/WPVp5pFlx6

: New videos! New projects! New beginnings. :)

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Getting very excited for the new video @PTXofficial is filming Saturday...

: And back to LA we go! 😎☀️

: Incredible night at the @PinoyRelief concert! Visit http://t.co/J7uHfqTt7D to learn how you can help aid the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

: RT @TheGarden: * @PTXofficial KILLING it tonight @PinoyRelief benefit concert! #TheaterMSG #PinoyRelief http://t.co/ogLJxVidVQ

: Can't wait to perform at the @PinoyRelief concert at @TheGarden! @iamjhud @Agreatbigworld @PlainWhiteTs @JessicaESanchez @OfficialCharice 😍

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Pretty surreal that I'll be singing at Madison Square Garden with @PTXofficial tonight...

: @SaraBareilles SARA! youre in ny?!? Come see us perform tomorrow at the pinoy relief concert!! 😍 (we'll buy you pizza)

: March 11. Tuesday. New York City. Tons of great performers! http://t.co/No11G6Q5MK http://t.co/owMw2ybjG4

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Off to Iowa to today sing at @luthercollege ! I'm VERY excited.

: We did super selfies waaaaay before the #oscars ;) http://t.co/fwSKCEgzWF

: 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!! Thank you all SO MUCH! :) ❤️❤️❤️

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: One more show in LA tonight! Last night was AMAZING!!!

: Check out @LA_mag's mention of our sold out weekend at @LAOrpheum. WE ARE EXCITED!!! ---> http://t.co/37jhjn7Jgr

: New #PTXperience!! Check it out!! http://t.co/QMFi6GGxOl

: RT @THR: WATCH: Pentatonix Celebrates 'Say Something', Teases 'Frozen' Cover: 'We Just Might' http://t.co/iRmC492pxb @PTXofficial @AGreatBi

: RT @MTV: This @PTXOfficial cover of #SaySomething is so incredibly beautiful: http://t.co/OZKitUUmJf

: @taolasvegas we definitely will! had an amazing time last night!

: Wow! 2.5M views in less than 2 days on our "Say Something" cover by @AGreatBigWorld & @xtina! We luv you all so much! http://t.co/J7G5pfJzmH

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: VEGAS TONIGHT!!! Who's coming?!

: @thebenbram @mitchgrassi OMG YES so glad you like her!!!!

: @AGreatBigWorld thank you guys for writing such an amazing song! We love y'all!

: RT @AGreatBigWorld: Our minds are blown by @PTXofficial's cover of Say Something. Seriously can't stop watching it - http://t.co/PEtFrPs6nI

: In case you missed it, we just released our version of "Say Something" by @AGreatBigWorld and @xtina! -----> http://t.co/J7G5pfJzmH

: @christinaperri in our minds we've been best friends forever :) let's do something together pleeeeease!!!!

: @AGreatBigWorld sorry this took us so long to post. we're sad we couldn't do it with you. ps. thank you for writing such a beautiful song!

: NEW VIDEO: We are so excited to share our cover of "Say Something" by our friends @AGreatBigWorld & @xtina! ---> http://t.co/J7G5pfJzmH

: Would anyone mind if we uploaded our new video tonight instead of tomorrow? Just wondering… ;)

: NEW VIDEO TOMORROW! Any guesses?!? http://t.co/w1ubv6OsRi http://t.co/0LbgdHzRmg

: RT @OTLPresents: PTX Europe Fans! @PTXofficial VIP Upgrades Are Goin' Quick! They Will Sell Out! DO NOT WAIT >> http://t.co/1TDmBqT1Bk http…


: ITS HERE! FIRST EPISODE OF THE #PTXperience :) Check it out and don't forget to subscribe!!! http://t.co/BtXiI0UQdP

: Just finished up a brand-new arrangement! Can't WAIT for you guys to hear this!

: @summersreign thank you ❤️

: Vancouver! You ready?!

: If you follow @scotthoying on vine, he's in the running to win a #ShortyAward! Click the link to vote for him! http://t.co/fCkzWIbBmc

: Day off in Seattle! What should we do?

: @Ashypoopoo11 glad to hear it. ;)

: @remo1327 ❤️

: @AustinLunchable sorry :(

: @jeremyhall @thecomplexSLC thank ya!

: @that_one_arab_ 😍

: @BALRavens_DSL of course! Sooo fun tonight :)

: @SarahCozart we are, bby!

: @Nativefangurl next time!

: @ryby101 thanks for coming!

: WOW Salt Lake City! You guys were so wonderful!

: Super pumped for our show tonight in SLC! Who's coming?!

: @afriedly92 @Avi_Kaplan thank you so much!!

: WE LOVE YOU DENVER. What a night!

: EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Welcome to the #PTXperience. :) http://t.co/i5o3FYU9QR

: Happy Valentine's day everyone! For those of you without a valentine, good news....WE WILL BE YOUR VALENTINE 😍

: Having a blast on tour!! #PTXTour2014 http://t.co/f3gzL08RI3

: @GabbyRose28 @Avi_Kaplan @scotthoying wow so much fun!!!

: @MoRgAn0092 glad you enjoyed the concert!!

: @stevendmick hahaha that's great!!

: @bailey_baileyk yay thank you!

: @Lauradelayne it was great!!

: @mitchcool4 @SUP3RFRUIT oh we're glad you had a good time!!

: @AngelaVanLoon glad you enjoyed it!!

: @rchristensen33 so happy you enjoyed it!!

: @toddsaw yay! It was so much fun!!

: @annawegg so happy you liked it!!

: @BrandonOtto5 it's gonna be good!!

: @armadillo_ann it's awesome!

: @RickyR513 thank you!!!

: @ashstrom thank you :)

: @TiaSarah84 yes you are!!!

: @JustinTGee @Benjamacobson so happy you enjoyed the concert!

: @Tori_831 @scotthoying @mitchgrassi haha we hope so!!

: @RachelCheslak maybe next time!

: RT @scotthoying: performing/doing a meet & greet at Mall of America starting at 11am! Come hang out!!

: Milwaukee!! Thank you so much for an amazing show!! We love y'all!!


: MINNY!!! Check our Facebook post for details about tomorrow's FREE @MallOfAmerica performance and meet & greet ---> http://t.co/hYDJ4I6zYy

: RT @OTLPresents: VIP Upgrades For All @PTXofficial European Dates Available at http://t.co/1TDmBqT1Bk! Pentaholics..Spread The Word! http:/…

: We hope our cover of "Valentine" by @Jessie_Ware is starting to put you in the mood for Valentine's Day :) 😘 http://t.co/k1c6Vg5tny

: @Jessie_Ware we're so happy you like it!

: RT @OTLPresents: The @PTXofficial Tour Is Off To An Incredible Start! Check Out Some Fun #PTXVIP Pics at http://t.co/dX9QqavKPB!

: RT @Popdust: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Wants To Be Your ‘Valentine’ In New Jessie Ware Cover Video ► http://t.co/geEiXr3FnA @scotthoying @O

: NEW VIDEO: Celebrate Valentine's Day early with our cover of @Jessie_Ware's "Valentine" from #PTXVol2 ---> http://t.co/xWNcU9xvdJ

: RT @KOlusola: Indy!! This was one of our most favorite shows on tour this far! Ahhhh we love you guys!

: NEW VIDEO TOMORROW! #Valentine #PTXvol2 http://t.co/KnWa5KtBJG

: RT @KOlusola: Chicago, this was one of the most memorable nights my life as a performer. Thank you for the honor of singing in front of y'a…

: YOU READY CHICAGO?! http://t.co/XGRjKO17Tf

: Soundchecking in this beautiful space! So excited for the show tonight ❤️ http://t.co/t4QrB3tg4A

: Tulsa, thank you SO much! What a crowd! http://t.co/5PAK0cBS1I

: Uh, can we talk about how utterly glorious the @ChicagoTheatre is?

: Did you guys catch us on @sesamestreet this morning?!

: We're going to be on @SesameStreet tomorrow morning! Life dream complete. Tune in to PBS! Check your local listings:) http://t.co/AU6e8tIKfy

: It's been real Springfield, but now we're off to Chicago! 😍

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Great show Springfield! Thank you SO much for an amazing night!

: JUST IN: cool new merch! Be sure to stop by the merch table when you come to our shows! ❤️ http://t.co/godTK1vMko

: Springfield! You ready?! http://t.co/hcwwAaWyGd

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Good afternoon Springfield, Missouri! Who's coming to the @PTXofficial show tonight?!

: RT @KOlusola: AHHH I love performing for Pentaholics on touuuur

: RT @mitchgrassi: What a way to kick off our 2014 tour! Thanks so much, Wichita Falls! http://t.co/nkykxZxMku

: Tulsa! We're here!

: Our beatboxer @KOlusola finished writing a classical/urban piece! Check out the new collaboration here! http://t.co/mimEoL160K

: RT @scotthoying: this. tour. is. going. to. be. epic.

: Last day of tech rehearsals before our 2014 tour! Who's coming?

: Ok procrastinators! Today is the last day to audition for @acappellacademy ! All details on http://t.co/5At6KWWZFV! Hope to see you there ;)

: RT @OTLPresents: We Started Making @PTXofficial Meet & Greet Photo Galleries! RT If You're #OnTheList? VIP at http://t.co/V6d29pYCOg http:/…

: All-day tech rehearsal with the fabulous @DejanTubic and @TheMaddyMiller!

: HERE IT IS, Our first official original music video “Run To You” from #PTXVol2! We hope you all enjoy it! #RunToYou http://t.co/kVvk7zHPQ0

: Glasgow! We have changed the venue for our May 17th show to The Garage, tix available at 10am here —>http://t.co/OvuWSqg6gw.

: Sneak preview of tomorrow's video. We are EXCITED about this one. RT if you're going be the first to watch it 😊😘 http://t.co/NeUWhf41ZW

: @EricWhitacre we love you!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: And tour begins.

: RT @thetodayshow: If you missed @PTXofficial's amazing performance - don't worry, we'll pop it up on our website! Amazing! #today9 http://t…

: EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Our FIRST original video is coming out this week! Any guesses of what it could be?!

: RT @sesamestreet: Guess who is coming to Sesame Street on February 7th? It's @PTXofficial! Can't wait? Listen to them count to five! http:/…

: C is for Cookie! https://t.co/acv1MmQDMb. We will be on Sesame Street on Feb 7th!!!

: Soooo much to do before our 2014 tour! 👕👠👯💇✈️

: Tune into @thegrammys tonight to see us animated into a Lucky Charms commercial ☺️ http://t.co/Jtrls2q13V

: Only 1 more week to get your auditions in for @acappellacademy guys! Go to http://t.co/5At6KWWZFV for details. Hope to see you there ;)

: 2 NEW VIDEOS NEXT WEEK!!! We don't want to give anything away, but Monday's video features a very hungry (and blue) special guest ;)

: RT @scotthoying: Having one of those moments where I feel overwhelmingly thankful that @PTXofficial fans are so amazing, caring, and suppor…

: Check out @mitchgrassi's interview with @Star_Apps here—> http://t.co/gtUluuzG3R

: RT @endlessnoise: So cool to see a peek at the visual side of the process! Animating @mitchgrassi's hand has to be a career highlight https…

: Excited to announce we've been animated into a @LuckyCharms commercial that will air during @TheGRAMMYs this year! https://t.co/xHreHfNWP5

: New video! The Evolution of @LuckyCharms from the 60s til now! Enjoy :) https://t.co/vz7QC2B5vJ

: Exhausted but still workin hard to prep for this tour! We are soooo excited to get it started! ❤️

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Only 11 more days to get in your auditions for @acappellacademy ! Go to http://t.co/jz6aO8YEAe for details!

: Congrats to our friends @AGreatBigWorld on the release of their new album #isthereanybodyoutthere! Get it here ---> http://t.co/HEv8JlKfjL

: RT @OTLPresents: . @PTXofficial Europe VIP Upgrades Including Meet & Greet, Soundcheck Access, Exclusive Merch & More Available at http://t…

: @LowlaFay !!!

: @19_noah_19 see ya there!

: @DonnaPyleTX thank you :)

: @KyKobra sorry about that :(

: @LadyDubs25 aw ;)

: @old_account___ yep!

: @baileydawson94 we'd love to see you there :)

: @jayyyharrr we are!

: @Safringo hopefully soon <3

: @RosaSironi wooo!

: @victoriacm852 always!

: @peeterpatter I can't

: @Nick_Twix I like that attitude!

: @Grumpy_Leo sorry about that :( we'll be back soon I'm sure!

: @jchitthaphong_ it'll be a little out of season! ;)

: What song are you most excited to hear on our tour?

: RT @jonmchu: YASSSSSS!!! @PTXofficial and FROZEN = Hilarious. Check it out @IMKristenBell So talented. http://t.co/Tyvz3ghMT8

: We had the amazing honor of being on the amazing UK children's show, Blue Peter! Check it out!! http://t.co/LMQ4Kd01xF

: @MarcelaGarcia21 yes. stay tuned...

: @TheRealNicoleR very very soon :)

: @Mr_Dovahkiin check the site. we're in antwerp on april 27th. get your tix fast because it's almost sold out! ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: 2014 TOUR UPDATES: Sellouts, VIP ticket availability and upgrades, new shows and venue changes via #ptxofficial ---> http://t.co/k5NLJqcdMy

: On our way back from Bermuda! Such an incredible place. Hopefully, we'll be back very soon 🌸

: Listen to our radio interview on @CBSRadio! :) http://t.co/82PIPq9aDw

: Check out our concert review by @BDASun! http://t.co/65Du9ou4rw

: What are instruments?

: Bermuda is stunningly beautiful! Just adventured around the world famous horseshoe bay! An experience we'll never forget 😍

: @DrewLachey @MsPrettyKitty22 Thanks!! ☺️

: RT @Popdust: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Brings "Frozen” Soundtrack To Life In Hilarious Medley ► http://t.co/Ii6If0p7K8 @FrozenFans @SUP3RFR

: RT @THR: Pentatonix (@ptxofficial) Singers Cover Disney's 'Frozen' http://t.co/27pMRMTliD

: Off to Bermuda! Excited for our first show of the new year!

: Check out @acappellacademy where we're artists in residence this year! Audition deadline is Feb 1. Go to http://t.co/u10Nq50hpm for details!

: The trio acting crazy in the newest episode of @SUP3RFRUIT!!😝 http://t.co/FFxkEqNdt2 @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: This new @PTXofficial arrangement is absolutely stunning.

: Also, @Avi_Kaplan makes a special appearance on it! :) @HomeFreeGuys

: Our good friends @homefreeguys dropped their new album today on iTunes! Go pick it up now! https://t.co/wQtAqua5hN

: LONDON!!! We've added a second show at @O2SBE on May 14th and tickets are available NOW! Get 'em here ---> http://t.co/8g68h3emzH

: San Diego! There are exactly 16 tickets available for our 2/25 show at Soma. Get 'em here ---> https://t.co/2EojQwzlZz

: …and we're sold out in SLC again! thank you guys so much. very few US tickets left for our entire 2014 US tour ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: SLC! We've released an extra 50 tickets to our SOLD OUT show on 2/17. Get em here (until they're all gone) ---> http://t.co/itYxBldumT

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Planning the new @PTXofficial show and getting VERY excited about tour!

: Hey all! Check us out tonight on @FuseTV at 7:30pm eastern & pacific / 6:30 central! (cc: @fusenewsdesk)

: RT @mitchgrassi: it's @PTXofficial Animal Crossing style!! Thank u @Pandaryoshka -^____^- http://t.co/iUuIyHCd2R

: Finally back to work today!

: CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK ON TOUR!!! Who's coming to see us?! http://t.co/sQcpWa1jmv

: Absolutely amazing! This is why Pentaholics are the BEST! https://t.co/6OcbrhNLas

: RT @TuneCore: #Spotify Top 10 most viral tracks includes #TuneCore Artists @JamieLynnSpears & @PTXofficial http://t.co/7JEOtyvRJi

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: Merry Christmas! We love y'all so much :) https://t.co/rj2Ey8XPqo

: If you missed it, check out our newest video! Merry Christmas Eve, y'all :) http://t.co/20TTzmPoMd

: NEW VIDEO!!! "I Need Your Love" by @CalvinHarris feat. @elliegoulding !! http://t.co/20TTzmPoMd

: TODAY IS THE DAY! NEW VIDEO COMES OUT TONIGHT! Aaaaaaaand we're performing on The Sing Off finale! ☺️☺️☺️ http://t.co/Rtr1ji7W71

: RT @NickLachey: Tonight is the night!! A new #singoff champ will be crowned at 8ET on @nbc and we will also welcome back @PTXofficial for a…

: AMSTERDAM!!! We added a 2nd show at @ParadisoAdam on April 29th! Tickets & VIP upgrades are ON SALE NOW ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Every time you purchase #PTXmas an angel gets it's wings....so....you know what to do ☺️👼

: MONDAY! :) http://t.co/VVHQaGWVzF

: RT @billboard: Pentatonix, Pat Benatar, 98 Degrees Join 'Sing-Off' Finale http://t.co/PVFjuFpHIF

: Releasing a video Monday and performing that song on @thesingoff !! Any guesses?! http://t.co/lcwttFNFmW http://t.co/olDr7IbzsA

: Performing on @thesingoff finale AND a new video comes out MONDAY! Are y'all as excited as us?! ☺️👯


: RT @ArsenioHall: Tonight! The #RHOBH @BrandiGlanville @KimRichards11 & @KyleRichards18, plus a performance from @PTXofficial http://t.co/JY…

: http://t.co/5QkXYo0E3W just posted exclusive TSO finale info!! http://t.co/JCWv3GNVh2

: Morning! Tune into the @ArsenioHall show tonight; we're performing "Little Drummer Boy" :)

: @EricWhitacre we love you!!!

: @DianeSawyer Thank you Diane! Had so much fun today! Honored to meet you and thank you so so so much for the support :)

: RT @DianeSawyer: Finally had the chance to meet @PTXofficial. 5 dreamers changing the world with their impossibly good music http://t.co/Vx…

: RT @TeamCoco: #CONAN Holiday Music For The Holidays: a cappella superstars Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial) perform an #Xmas carol classic http://…

: Nice to meet you @ehasselbeck !! ☺️ @foxandfriends http://t.co/yl0hofRc1L

: Had an awesome time on the @ElvisDuranShow! :) Thanks for having us!!

: @gradywsmith @EW We can't wait either ☺️

: @jwyoung1980 @ElvisDuranShow Thank u!

: RT @ElvisDuranShow: GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! We have the @PTXofficial LIVE IN-STUDIO at 8:05 am ET. They'll be performing for us!

: Don't forget to catch us on @soundcheck in 5 minutes!

: RT @soundcheck: Coming up at 2 pm: Pentatonix @PTXofficial will be performing live in our studio: http://t.co/VoBwBk3CKG @thesingoff

: RT @TODAYshow: More performances coming up! RT @gabbybthang: @PTXofficial is on the @TODAYshow :):):):)

: RT @KOlusola: We see y'all's tweets about us on the @TODAYshow! Keep watching as we'll be poppin up a whole lot more!

: We're super excited about our appearances on the @TODAYshow tomorrow morning - watch us perform on the early show AND with @klgandhoda!!!

: VIP UPGRADES for our 2014 European Tour are now ON SALE ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

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: Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas from us to you :) http://t.co/ws5QvY9y1H

: Having the best time rehearsing with the @mobilesymphony orchestra! Officially in the Christmas spirit!!! 🎄🎅😍 http://t.co/4wSDXNBqA0

: WOWWWWW! "Little Drummer Boy" is "one of the highest-charting holiday hits of all-time." http://t.co/PiIegqdEHy

: NEW VIDEO!!! "Angels We Have Heard On High" from #PTXmas. Happy Holidays Everyone!!! ---> http://t.co/VqXako3UZz

: RT @LuckyCharms: We're so excited about the song @PTXofficial and @endlessnoise are working on, it's going to be amazing! Stay tuned for de…

: @Chubbies so does this mean we get free chubbies shorts for life?

: RT @Chubbies: Nailed it with this perfectly legit rendition of Pentatonix's Little Drummer Boy. http://t.co/eqJ3QckKDU

: RT @OnAirJake: @PTXofficial is dominating @Billboard charts!!! So happy!! #7 Album, #13 Song, amd #1 Digital Album in the country!! http://…

: "Little Drummer Boy" is currently #13 on @Billboard Hot 100!! 😍 Thanks to all who have bought it and/or requested it!

: We'll be on @omginsider on CBS tonight! Check your local listings!! #omginsider

: #Tubeathon is here! Watch tonight at 6:00pm PT & RT #tubeathon Watch! http://t.co/6ibPWmFQQS

: @leannrimes We would be honored!! A couple of us are Johnny High alums too by the way! Big fans <3

: RT @KeltieKnight: My loves @PTXofficial are on @omgInsider tnite. I made them include me in a song- here is a teaser----> http://t.co/ztilK…

: Ptxmas Deluxe was #7 on Billboard this week. Absolutely CRAZY! 2 top 10s!!!! YALL ARE PERFECT

: Check out what happened when @yougeneration invented a game that we were NOT very good at! ---> https://t.co/bWPi9TBYf7 cc: @ebonyday1

: RT @TeamCoco: A cappella supergroup @PTXofficial perform "Hey Momma/ Hit The Road Jack" on #CONAN. -> http://t.co/XxVYZDl1A8

: “@TeamCoco: A cappella supergroup @PTXofficial perform their version of "Hit The Road Jack" on #CONAN -> http://t.co/6KRn4IQcT7”

: Amazing time at @ConanOBrien tonight! Also, just finished shooting a new video, be on the lookout ☺️

: Performing on @ConanOBrien tonight!! :) So so pumped! Tune in! 11/10c on tbs!

: RT @annalise_watson: We caught up with the multitalented and inspirational Pentatonix. Watch the video here: http://t.co/H8hVetbat9 @PTXoff

: RT @OTLPresents: VIP For @PTXofficial LA 3/2 & NYC 4/10 On-Sale NOW! Packages For All Other Dates Very Close To Sold-Out! DON'T WAIT > http…

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: WHO IS EXCITED FOR @thesingoff TOMORROW?! :) 👯👯👯👯👯

: Shooting some new videos soon! Very very excited :) Y'all having a good Sunday?

: @SaraBareilles Congrats on the nomination!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

: RT @billboard: Pentatonix Debuts on Billboard's Social 50 Chart http://t.co/09AGiTCsRN

: 3. MILLION. SUBSCRIBERS. WOW! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 We are so excited!

: RT @TheLab_NYC: Join our LIVE #InTheLab @spreecast w @KOlusola from @ptxofficial & @ArthurKade about #PTXVol2 TODAY at 4:30pm ET http://t.c…

: Whoaaaa! "Little Drummer" in the top 10 singles on iTunes right now. Love y'all! :)

: Hey y'all! Join us this #GivingTuesday in supporting the fight against human trafficking with @NFS: http://t.co/YETCGTGzg6

: Thanks @DisneyChannelPR for playing our Teen Beach Movie cover so much! We are honored!!

: WE ARE #1 on iTunes out of ALL ALBUMS! Ahhh! 😍😍😍 http://t.co/Kz2XNprZc6 http://t.co/AxOGX54hvm

: RT @KOlusola: Come watch my LIVE #InTheLab chat with @ArthurKade on 12/02 at 11:30am EST on @Spreecast! We are talking #PTXVol2 http://t.c…

: We love you guys a whole lot. Just so you know :D

: RT @scotthoying: HAVE YOU BOUGHT TIX YET FOR OUR UPCOMING TOUR?! Cities are already selling out and I don't want you to be left out! http:/…

: Wow! 2 years ago today was the day we won The Sing-Off! Thankful for this journey, and thankful for y'all's support :) Happy Thanksgiving!

: Another example of how talented the PTX fans are! This warms our heart ❤️☺️ http://t.co/ODtFxw5ADA

: WOOOO! #PTXmasDeluxe is #6 on iTunes! Have you bought it yet?! http://t.co/qlNKGy6ezm

: Ahhh! Thanks for all the love on the new video!! If you haven't seen it yet, http://t.co/5ym0dJGFWH

: NEW VIDEO!!! Check out our arrangement of "Little Drummer Boy" from #PTXmasDeluxe ---> http://t.co/5ym0dJGFWH

: Birmingham, let's make our last European show the BEST ONE YET! xx

: RT @KOlusola: Manchester! We LOVED you tonight! Y'all were awesome :)

: Manchester. Are you ready?

: .@KOlusola teaching kids to beatbox in Manchester, UK! http://t.co/6bob3uRLLA

: We are LIVING for this. Yes!!! @LoreFunkdation http://t.co/hg4izNxEtW

: @kristindenehy we love you so much!

: Have you picked up the deluxe edition of our holiday album #PTXmas yet? It comes with two additional holiday songs! http://t.co/2MaiUpZyJ1

: So so pumped for our first ever LONDON show! See you cats there! xx

: Awesome dinner with @EricWhitacre last night! Such an incredible honor! http://t.co/VOJbKOOooR

: ptxofficial's photo http://t.co/a8qqH95wti

: RT @EricWhitacre: Just had dinner with all 5 members of @PTXofficial. LOVE these guys, had such a good time. Talked a lot about working tog…

: Get your copy of #PTXmasDeluxe! Two new tracks on this album!! -----> https://t.co/4HFNoTGlHA

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: RT @DisneyMusic: Relive summer with @PTXOfficial's cover of "Crusin' for a Brusin'" from Teen Beach Movie! http://t.co/TSUo0MT1nH http://t.…

: RT @KOlusola: Paris. We're sooo excited to perform for you tonight! Y'all ready? :)

: @aaronpaul_8 if you're short on plans tonight, you can come to our show at flèche d'or. we'll be the ones speaking english!

: EXCITING NEWS! The deluxe version of #PTXMas comes out Tuesday with TWO NEW TRACKS! :)

: NEW VIDEO!!! (which you can also see THIS sunday on @DisneyChannel). We. Love. @Disney. ---> http://t.co/uhtozT7qCq

: Well, our bus broke down at 445 am, which means we're getting all of our luggage and merch to the airport to get to Berlin 😜 #EUtourproblems

: @billboard ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

: WE ARE FREAKING. OUT. WE DEBUTED #10 ON THE @billboard TOP 200 CHARTS! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Thanks to all who bought it:) http://t.co/sJaCRcifYc

: @ScottBrownDC awesome! Thank you!

: @SonnyFreya glad you enjoyed it!!

: @Gr_engi thanks for coming!

: @pie_martina thanks for coming :)

: @a_cup_of_TeaTer hahaha that's awesome!!

: @kahnsuela thank you!

: The entire European tour is sold out! So insane!!! Milan was an amazing start! Love you guys!! http://t.co/rzXZl42ujC

: @pierogherbaz y'all were awesome!!

: @kailinlexi_ thank you! We love you too :)

: @madeputrie thank you!

: @Rantinggg3 get one!

: @payne_eyes of course!

: @_JordanThomson_ see you soon!

: @CetraM3 @mitchgrassi thank you!

: @Yaellow00 you're welcome!

: Milan! You were awesome tonight!! Next stop...VIENNA!

: Some new merch! Excited for our first show tonight! Milan, are you ready?! http://t.co/AfuutIhmWM http://t.co/5lQhj2lCSe

: “@Avi_Kaplan: NEW MERCH http://t.co/pWJoxQrgFK” @Avi_Kaplan rockin' some of our new merch! http://t.co/GalicE8uEf

: Our daft punk medley from #PTXVol2 was uploaded 6 days ago and now has 11.5M views! Thank u! Buy the album on iTunes! http://t.co/uhgvoKUU5y

: RT @OTLPresents: . @PTXofficial Chicago, Oakland, LA, DC, NYC, Boston 4/5 & Toronto Have Sold-Out! Limited Pkgs Remain For Other Dates http…

: Milan! 😍

: @RyanParma ;)

: RT @Pentaholic11: @PTXofficial in just over 5 days your video has gotten over 10 MILLION VIEWS 👏❤️☺️😱 http://t.co/JvlEuipemW

: We heard we were on @GMA this morning?! Amazing! :)

: @niden23 :) <3

: @mabesa_michael thanks!

: @jamyrahgibson thank you!

: RT @scotthoying: And the Europe tour begins! Milan, here we come :)

: Up early for our incredibly long travel day. So excited for our first EVER Europe tour! ☺️

: @_hadleymoss @Avi_Kaplan @KOlusola thank you!

: @AllisonDylan and we love you!!

: @KatieEKiesel yay!!

: @memusicandyou for sure!

: @joetinney @KOlusola we love you!!

: RT @KOlusola: Kettering, we're REALLY excited to sing to you all tonight :)

: #PTXVol2 AND #PTXVol1 are in the top 10 on the Pop ITunes Charts! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

: In case you missed the @ABCWorldNews segment! http://t.co/HbOwg6sX44

: Thanks SO much, @DianeSawyer and everyone at @ABCWorldNews! Such an awesome segment. We're so honored. :)

: FYI - Chicago, Toronto & DC VIP tickets are officially SOLD OUT!!! GA tickets are still available ---> http://t.co/F23aUBtJsV

: ALL 2014 Tour Dates are NOW ON SALE!!! http://t.co/oqnT1rd2gJ get em here --->http://t.co/ZLY6d1xqv7

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: RT @OTLPresents: Pentaholics! @PTXofficial Chicago VIP Packages Have Already Sold-Out! Packages For All Other Cities Getting Low --> http:/…

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: SO EXCITED!!! This has been a dream of mine for years! @thebenbram @rdietz55 and I present to you @acappellacademy ! http:/…

: Met with some amazingly talented high schoolers today in Ohio. Shout out to Eleventh Hour and Fusion!

: RT @extratv: Disney Channel to recreate @TeenBeachMovie songs with @PTXofficial @SamuelTsui & @PeterHollens -- a capella style! http://t.co…

: We will be on @ABCWorldNews with @DianeSawyer tonight at 6:30PM EST. Check your local listings for exact times!

: VIP & Presale Tix are NOW AVAILABLE for our 2014 tour !!! Click here for more info --->>>http://t.co/F1kge52ysl

: 5.5mil views in 2 days?! CRAZY! For those of u who haven't seen it, check out our video for "Daft Punk" :) http://t.co/p92VbLkc75

: Apparently we've been on the radio today?!

: RT @OTLPresents: VIP Packages For All @PTXofficial Dates On-Sale NOW at http://t.co/V6d29pYCOg! RT If You'll Be #OnTheList http://t.co/J0ya…

: VIP Tix for our upcoming US Tour go on Sale today at 10am in your area!!!get em here -> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Wooooooooo! 2 million subscribers! Thanks for watching us you guys :)

: Wall Street Journal article about Daft Punk! http://t.co/oJigG0orIl @WSJspeakeasy

: RT @OTLPresents: Pentaholics! Are You Ready For Tomorrow's VIP On-Sale? Packages For All Dates On-Sale at 10am Local --> http://t.co/HDQmti…

: So amazing that #PTXVol2 is #2 on the iTunes Top Albums! We are BEYOND grateful to those of you who bought it! Thanks so so much :):):)

: RT @nprnews: No Instruments? For Pentatonix, It's No Problem http://t.co/SFwlm7DO77

: Wow. We are honestly floored at the video response. Can't thank you guys enough. http://t.co/JsjaA27oYn http://t.co/A0ZtujqDXD

: @SaraBareilles Love you!!!

: RT @ELLEmagazine: Pentatonix does for a cappella what Glee did for choir: http://t.co/JsWiNk38Ij

: RT @YouTube: A space-age Daft Punk medley from #YTMA winners Pentatonix. http://t.co/0pZIMnQF9l

: Heard our new album yet? Go pick it up NOW on iTunes!! We love you guys! :) #PTXVol2

: RT @Alexander_Kirk: Buy it, use it, break it, buy it again. #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol

: RT @KOlusola: So...how's everyone enjoying the new album so far? :) #PTXVol2

: @Jadams13110 @Ana_ptx 😁

: @MadNerdDisease <3

: @KimLuyten :)

: @boudinpourpre see you there!

: @obsessivepotato thank u

: @lisalala4lyfe one day, yes!

: @Cajr1985Jr thank you :)

: @missmarseille66 perfect! Haha

: @DJMorgan7125 you're my new favorite thing

: @asiaswaggy oh stop ;)

: @cgabrielj thank you!

: YALL SEE THE NEW VIDEO!? Daft Punk! http://t.co/p92VbLkc75

: RT @OTLPresents: . @PTXofficial VIP Packages Include Meet & Greet, Access To Soundcheck, Exclusive Merch & Even A Private Performance! http…

: RT @OTLPresents: Thrilled To Announce We Are Teaming Up With @PTXofficial To Provide Limited VIP Packages For Their Upcoming Tour! http://t…

: @EricWhitacre hahaha thanks, Eric!

: #PTXVol2 is finally out NOW! To celebrate the release, check out our Daft Punk medley from the album! Enjoy! http://t.co/uhgvoKUU5y

: Wow, #PTXVol2 is #2 overall on @iTunesMusic! Thx for the love! So cool to be up there with @AvrilLavigne & @Eminem! http://t.co/TUUr52t6Iv

: #PTXVol2 is OFFICIALLY RELEASED!!! SO EXCITED!!! Also, NEW VIDEO! Daft Punk! Thanks for the support y'all :) http://t.co/p92VbLkc75

: So surreal performing on @TheEllenShow today! If you missed it, check it out! http://t.co/iibp7ks1UK

: West Coast! It's happening!!! Tune in to Ellen nowwww ☺️

: @KatieShow @LindseyStirling Thanks Katie!!!

: RT @KatieShow: Congrats @LindseyStirling & @PTXofficial on their #YTMA Response of the Year Award! Watch Lindsey on #Katie: http://t.co/k70…

: Oh yeah...AND #PTXVol2 TOMORROW http://t.co/fnuwOZOnnP http://t.co/XkdEXftSG1

: Up early for a video shoot. Don't forget to check your local listings for our @TheEllenShow appearance! :) http://t.co/pdr2ZyEG2T

: What an amazing week it's been! We'll be appearing on @TheEllenShow TOMORROW, so check your local listings! http://t.co/pdr2ZyEG2T

: @tyleroakley @DeStorm @LindseyStirling thanks a bunch, Tyler!

: Also, a HUGE thank-you to @fifgenfilms, the masterminds behind our "Radioactive" video with @LindseyStirling! Go follow them NOW! ;) xx

: RT @SPINmagazine: And the Youtube Award for Response of the Year goes to: @LindseyStirling and @PTXofficial http://t.co/zLTZsB7fIq

: RT @OnAirJake: Ahhhhh @LindseyStirling & @PTXofficial... y'all are trending worldwide!!! http://t.co/tGe708gvrX

: WE WON! OMG! Thanks for letting us collaborate with you @LindseyStirling! You are truly brilliant :) Thanks to all who voted! ahhhh!!!!!

: The @YouTube music awards begins in 8 minutes! Tune in now! http://t.co/fFErI5GRKQ

: We're going to be on @TheEllenShow tomorrow! Check your local listings! http://t.co/pdr2ZyEG2T

: Only two more days :) #PTXVol2 http://t.co/bxNZXZUIut http://t.co/aQAsvPonP7

: Watch the @YouTube awards today at 6pm EST! Performances by @ladygaga, @Eminem, @LindseyStirling; and we maaaaaaay just be nominated! ☺️

: 3 more days :) #PTXVol2 http://t.co/mZggycRlFM

: 1 more day till the @YouTube Awards! Cast your vote for us to win by sharing this video via FB, twitter, or Google! http://t.co/7Gyf3EAQBB

: RT @tyleroakley: @PTXofficial is going to be on @TheEllenShow next week. Life is good.

: ITS HAPPENING!!! November 4th. Monday. :) :) :) We're gonna be on @TheEllenShow! Ahhhhhh! http://t.co/vWt99dD4GL

: Awww thanks! 😍 RT “@ELLEmagazine: May we just say, @PTXofficial, that your fans are AMAZING http://t.co/lUhTG3sqKu”

: @tyleroakley

: 4 days. #PTXVol2 http://t.co/g7GNH05mOt

: 4 days :) http://t.co/hP0B2jkBaT

: Remember this Halloween video we did? Our version of "Aha!" by @imogenheap! http://t.co/IkKDYDt4ua

: The Sky & The Sea about to take over West Hollywood. Woooo! Happy Halloween! mitchgrassi http://t.co/6iyXVyGxlR

: Check out @KOlusola's interview with @ELLEmagazine about the idea behind "Natural Disaster"! http://t.co/xHQc4d5XPH

: Get ready. 5. http://t.co/XfN9Y1RTGU

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Very exciting and stressful day today! We are going to make you all VERY proud :D

: RT @KOlusola: It's an awesome feeling to know that y'all finally get to hear the album we've been living for so long now. Such a blessing. …

: RT @THR: A Cappella 'Evolution of Beyonce' Video Goes Viral: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) on How the Hit Came to Be (Q&A) http://t.co/76lD2lLD…

: Our new album PTX Vol II, out next tuesday, is streaming now on @billboard, check it out ----->http://t.co/3c1NDFPYbA

: Up early for another video shoot today!

: @bee_mariaa06 glad you like it! Hope you pre-order our new album #PTXVol2!!

: RT @endlessnoise: NEW! BEHIND THE SCENES - @PTXofficial "Evolution of Beyoncé" http://t.co/tsdv3zYqGH Share and enjoy!

: RT @scotthoying: New @johnlegend cover :) "All of Me" Enjoy! http://t.co/h6OmG4dx38

: Planning in the works for more videos for #PTXVol2. Oh. What. Fun!

: @ohsnapitznat @LindseyStirling @YouTube just watch and share the link via Facebook, YouTube, and google+!

: Also, vote for our video w/ @LindseyStirling "Radioactive" to win a @YouTube music award! Watch and share the link! http://t.co/HGAyIJznB6

: RT @RyanMcKiernan: Check out my interview with @mitchgrassi from @PTXofficial where we talked about PTX Vol. 2 & going on tour: http://t.co…

: Thanks everyone for joining us for our @reddit_AMA! So much fun answering your questions!!

: Everyone come join us for a live chat! We're answering all your questions. :) http://t.co/2H7EKPAvMn

: Everyone come join us for a live chat! We're answering all your questions. :) http://t.co/2H7EKPAvMn

: About to start the reddit AMA! Stayed tuned!

: About to start the reddit AMA! Stayed tuned!

: @gradywsmith Thanks!!

: @gradywsmith Thanks!!

: RT @Chelsea_Briggs: Um, can we please talk about @PTXOfficial's 'Evolution of Beyonce' vid!? Best. Thing. Ever. #reunited #adorethem http:…

: RT @Chelsea_Briggs: Um, can we please talk about @PTXOfficial's 'Evolution of Beyonce' vid!? Best. Thing. Ever. #reunited #adorethem http:…

: Hey everyone! We're doing an #AMA (ask me anything) on @reddit_AMA tonight at 6PM EST! Hope to see you there :) http://t.co/RvezyVkRRV”

: Press day tomorrow...sleepin' early tonight lol

: RT @KOlusola: LA!! 😎

: @heidehosen_PTX thank youuuu!

: @Lulu_Dweba thank you!

: @kathmiaw thank you! We hope you pre-order the new album #PTXVol2 http://t.co/wuOCv23ecP

: @andrewhunter0 thanks for ordering it!!

: @lindseymariahh that's awesome! We hope you pre-order #PTXVol2...there's some goosebumps where that came from :) http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @Jankeeeee @Beyonce thank you! We hope to see you when we tour LA next year!

: @S_aaara :) we hope to see you in Italy!

: Have you pre-ordered #PTXVol2 yet? :) The album comes out on Nov 5th! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @dedisimarmata so happy you like it!

: @Channel_Adel thanks! We hope you pre-order #PTXVol2! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @awk1ak haha maybe?

: @jsims_16 haha thanks for watching! We hope you pre-order our newest album #PTXVol2! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @Gyooo21 awwww thanks :)

: @mimdindon yay! We hope you order #PTXVol2! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @shesmartina appreciate it! That's our favorite moment in that video!

: @davidclark thanks!

: @karladanielapc thanks for sharing!

: @ziellabella thank you! We hope you will pre-order our new album #PTXVol2! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: @_IBK yaaaay!

: @SieraMist16 thanks for coming!

: @coleim5beanie glad you like it :)

: We're being nominated for a @YouTube Music Award with @LindseyStirling! To vote, just watch & share the video!! http://t.co/18oW9q3374

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Our fans are such beautiful people. So blessed. @PTXofficial

: @heidehosen_PTX thanks for the bear!!

: @JordinSparks @Beyonce aww thank you babe! :) you're the best

: @MattMorris uh we would love that, obviously! :)

: @MattMorris thank you!!

: RT @KutztownU: Who is excited for the sold out @PTXofficial show? #kuhomecoming2013

: RT @WhatsTrending: A comprehensive history of Beyonce, as sung by @PTXofficial > http://t.co/bHNULM8lNv

: Thank you @BuzzFeed for posting our "Evolution of @Beyonce" video! http://t.co/TMoXomY6JG

: RT @daltonsligh: OF COURSE @PTXofficial is #1 on the list. http://t.co/vNlMyfEqn5 #YouGuysRock

: We did a fun interview with @LA_mag Check out some of our favorite local spots! http://t.co/yVyu5hSjkj

: Have you watched our newest @YouTube video "Evolution of @Beyonce" yet? Check it out!! http://t.co/xhjryHexXv

: Amazingly terrifying night at Hollywood @HorrorNights!! We haaaad to get in on the face paint! #UniversalHHN http://t.co/sTOGxUCOYk

: RT @scotthoying: THE QUEEN POSTED OUR VIDEO IM GONNA DIE http://t.co/nW0BPTH5bd

: @WalkOffTheEarth thanks y'all! Much appreciated!!

: RT @KOlusola: 3 Min till the Q&A! I'll be answering from my own account.

: @RyanVoOfficial @KOlusola I'll do it on my own twitter! -KO

: RT @KOlusola: While the trio is off doing horror stuff, I'll do a Q&A in 10 MIN! I'll only answer those with the album art avatar & the has…

: Just in case you missed it, we uploaded a new @YouTube video today! "Evolution of @Beyonce"! Like it and share it!! http://t.co/czDcECgJxk

: A few of us are going to be at @UniStudios @HorrorNights tn! Come say hi if you see us! :) #UniversalHHN #Terrified http://t.co/ylIbJfvtTE

: WE ARE DEAD! She posted it!!! LOVE YOU @Beyonce :):):) http://t.co/EjrDJNvUpo http://t.co/r9ZPwSe9Hh

: NEW VIDEO!!!! EVOLUTION OF @Beyonce :) ENJOY! http://t.co/czDcECgJxk

: SURPRISE!!! WE HAVE A NEW LIVE VIDEO COMING OUT TODAY!!! It may or may not be another evolution...

: RT @KOlusola: Happy birthday to our manager, @jkthreethousand!! He's old now, so I'm not gonna say his age :)

: Good morning Pentaholics! We love you <3

: There are some @YouTube vids coming up that are going to blow y'all's minds...

: Pentaholics, we're up for a @YouTube Music Award! Share the link below via Facebook/twitter/google+ as your vote! http://t.co/JRHmALVCoh

: Hey guys! We need your votes! Share this official nomination video on Facebook/twitter to vote! Let's do this!! http://t.co/JRHmALVCoh

: Pentaholics! We're up for a @YouTube music award for "Radioactive" with @LindseyStirling! To vote, share this video: http://t.co/EFucYl1nZm

: RT @PTXFans: Vote for @PTXofficial and @LindseyStirling as Favorite Response Video of the Year for the YouTube Music Awards! http://t.co/LO…

: Busy times!! So much to prepare for in releasing #PTXVol2!!

: Working on a new video for y'all before #PTXVol2 is released! This one is gonna be epic :)

: A little over 2 weeks before #PTXVol2 is released! Check out our video that gives you an introduction to the album :) http://t.co/KxnwmPzKsN

: @statengirl007 FINALLY!!! :) thank you so much!

: Half a million on Facebook! Surreal! Pentaholics are PERFECT. http://t.co/GtZ8Q7JuXZ

: Just hit half a million Facebook likes!! So awesome!! :) http://t.co/txY4V3TZio

: #PTXVol2 and tour!!! http://t.co/fVB1eiWG3y

: So awesome hanging out with the @scattertones last night! Such a fun, nice, talented group of people! ☺️ http://t.co/2ycSx5bUNW

: So awesome hanging out with the @scattertones last night! Such a fun, nice, talented group of people! ☺️

: RT @KOlusola: ALASKA YALL WERE AWESOME! Hope we come back soon to perform for y'all :)

: @Alyssa7790 thanks for watching! Hope you pre-order our newest album #PTXVol2 on @iTunesMusic :)

: @chrissy_morris awesome!!!

: Oh wow thanks! RT “@MacManusEvan: Only a short amount of time before @PTXofficial becomes Multi-Grammy Award winners.”

: Alaska! We're ready to have some fun tonight! Are y'all? :)

: @jennyrosedixon that's awesome! We have a new album out that you can pre-order on @iTunesMusic! #PTXVol2

: A quick reminder about #PTXVol2 and update on 2013/2014 Tour! http://t.co/fVB1eiWG3y

: Getting ready for soundcheck! Thanks for all the questions guys :) 😍😍😍

: @OHSHITSHAWN 12 lmao

: @heidehosen_PTX Star Trek 1000%

: @juustlikekamii Sooooon :)

: @VictoriusJ 738282 Grammy award winning stars!

: @ChloeNisset Thanks!

: @CyriellePrisci @scotthoying @mitchgrassi scary yet perfect

: @Gabochong AWW STAWP 😘😘😘

: @JRSimmons12 Radioactive was a blast

: @idancercarey hey momma! but it's a close one

: @DictatorDiana haha it was photoshopped she didn't actually climb up there

: @ear431 2 during school, 2 outside of school

: @Mitchs_Eyebrow depends on what time of day it is?

: @EricaBank Ur perfect

: @SarBear24k perfection

: @Kimagination natural disaster mainly, but honestly any of them!

: @VictoriusJ I'm sure we will!

: @Sonicsalt99 pre-hibernation week where sandy is freaking out lmaoooo

: @ThomasBrusnahan run to you!

: @SarBear24k PTX driving to soundcheck!

: Hey y'all! @scotthoying here :) Doing a Q&A in 5 minutes, so if you have any questions about #PTXVol2, get ready!

: @wesgeorge only after pre-order! Pre-order is exclusively for @iTunesMusic :)

: @Faried_Puma hopefully!

: @DomenicoZappone we will see you there!

: @CWill911 that's awesome!!

: Love this. :) RT @shesmartina: You still haven't #preorder @PTXofficial new album #PTXVol2 ?? What are you waiting for??”

: @shesmartina that's what we need!!

: @_Manon_L yaaaaay!

: @GaryHoangTheLa we will!

: @WeAreKingston also you'll have to come to our show in Nashville next year!

: Good morning Pentaholics! It's a beautiful day in Alaska!

: @WeAreKingston Thank y'all so much! We're honored :D

: @SandyAlincastro @ShirleyMcCoyPTX where do you all find these updates?

: Thanks guys! We're at dinner now so I gotta stop. But I love y'all, and we hope you enjoy the album! #PTXVol2

: @Pentaholic11 it's gonna be the next thing we are putting up online! Can't wait to show y'all!

: @pentaholicness tour bus

: @watkins_5 still doin what I love...and having a house with a wife I love.

: @MeganShane1 ABSOLUTELY. That's just family matters. That will happen. But we always figure it out.

: @Whoisalight Amsterdam and London! I have a lot of friends in both places.

: @Wild_Shameless twitter. And YAAAAAS

: @alwaysmissmolly yes

: @pentaholicness probably Beyonce.

: @Jillians1997 making music with people I like.

: @thejoy_ofptx you.

: 5 more minutes!! -KO #PTXVol2

: @super_friend369 all vocal.

: @DaraAlligood I don't think we'd be opposed to it!

: @SarBear24k work on logic, practice cello, gain new concepts and read autobiographies of people I admire

: @pentaholicness not staying true to what I know is right.

: @thejoy_ofptx bus.

: @juustlikekamii cooool!

: @MyaPerrier Je t'aime!!

: @Hitomimyhomie14 don't know!!

: @IluvScottHoying yes ma'am!

: @selina_mara BEYONCE CRAZY IN LOVE for tour

: @Kristin_tin1 depends on how inspired we are, if we're crunched for time, etc.

: @MyaPerrier depends on our agent, but we can ask!

: 15 min until the Q&A! Y'all know the rules. Btw, Alaska is beautiful by the way! -KO

: Sorry the airline made me discontinue the internet! Should be able to do the Q&A in the next hour! Will give y'all a heads-up ;) -KO

: On this flight to Alaska and I feel like doing a Q&A in 10 min! only those with the album art avatars and #PTXVol2 will get responses! -KO

: We're less than a month away from our first ever European tour and we want to give you a few important updates. --> http://t.co/6bvmef9OTx

: Off to Alaska! VERY EXCITED!

: Hey y'all sorry this was a short one! I'll do another one soon! -Avi ;-*

: @GretchenElise1 and that's ok

: @VictoriusJ Kevin and I :)

: @Tori_BandNerd BBQQQQ

: @Tori_BandNerd hot chocolate

: @Wild_Shameless always

: @katalina0723 YOU STOP

: @ptx_4ever ASAP!

: @erinlindseyy518 Kevin and I wrote love again and run to you together. Scott and I helped him finish natural disaster

: @RyanVoOfficial half baked or cookies and cream

: @maddypeters22 yes we did :)

: @LisaKrabappel YES

: Time for another Q & A for #PTXVol2! Make sure to have your avatars like ours! #andpleaseforgivetheterribleairportwifi -Avi :D

: Milan! The Venue for our show on Nov 12th has been moved to Maggazini Generali. Tix available here ----> http://t.co/5WeRVaQ9ns

: Whoa, #3 on @iTunesMusic pop charts?! Y'all rock so much! Remember to keep pre-ordering the new album!! #PTXVol2 http://t.co/jxhsIDKLEQ

: That's awesome!! RT “@ShirleyMcCoyPTX: @PTXofficial @heidehosen_PTX also #9 on the Canada top ten”

: @MouseDivided @lordemusic haha yes it was already released as a single!!

: @DeffNotDave hahaha yaaaay!

: @Natalie14Diane yes ma'am you betta do it!!

: @tatyaustrie aw thanks!

: @nesmithbrian @AlyssaAtomic WHOO HOO!!

: @a_magarino can't wait for you to hear the whole thing :)

: @nicholascreasey yes!!!

: Insane!! RT “@heidehosen_PTX: @PTXofficial #PTXVol2 moved to #3 on the iTunes Pop charts!!!! #SoProud

: @heidehosen_PTX all right!!

: @MOmarrah we are equally excited!

: @SamanthaMusique yaaaay!

: @EnjoyPandy haha thanks! Hope you get our new album #PTXVol2 on @iTunesMusic!

: @WannaBeRanger haha glad you're excited!

: @AdamCanote haha we wish!

: Thanks guys! Q&A is closed :) don't forget to pre-order our NEW ALBUM #PTXVol2 on iTunes! Love you all and have a great night - mitch xx

: @k2aust ooh not sure. Possibly me? Or Kevin?

: @LuigiPabloJose not sure! Wouldn't be difficult since we live here :)

: @miss_carlyjo my cat

: @itsbeautybasics yes :)

: @WillDJones definitely a new album someday but it may have a different title!

: @RifaieJ yup!

: @Riahlexis too many

: @Melmarie29 ooh maybe :)

: @moniqueofPTX putting our artistic differences aside

: @tylerbryanj the crazy color notes. He's all over the place!

: @GrantRothermel not sure!

: @erickcamaya maybe ;)

: @analuizapena I'm sure!

: @staceypantz end of this year I think

: @Lionblaz183 Natural Disaster was definitely a challenge

: @MaryKouns not too bad ;)

: @peytonfishbeck work on our own music and hang out with friends!

: @JennElise223 Iceland :)

: @flopurplechefyo chord progression and bassline

: Hey everyone! Q&A in 15. :) make sure you have the album cover as your pic and include the hashtag #PTXVol2 to participate! :) - Mitch

: @Panpharmacon you'll get it soon :)

: @boudinpourpre nice!!

: @csalavitch thank you!!

: @tori_bellemore thanks!!

: @SerenaaEmm thank you!!

: @WillDJones yes please! :D

: @B_Hun01 YES

: @______marissa ;)

: @EAVrotsos @VinceKerrazzi yay!

: @iAmTReece so are we :)

: @F13Bubba haha yeah!

: @jimbola73 @Avi_Kaplan that would be awesome!!

: @JunkanMood that's so awesome!!

: @tinabob we hope you like it!!

: @Jiehsikahhh it's gonna be greeeeat!

: @TatianaMdaily AHHH! But we will be back in 2014!!

: @Hitomimyhomie14 thank you!!

: @boudinpourpre you'll hear it soon!!

: @RandalBlanken excited for you to hear it!

: @baileyswilley thanks!

: @P1NKlady4 exciting times!!

: @NordoniaChoirs we are excited too!

: @Mobydickulous all right!!!

: @AngiChiaraPTX yay!!

: @alexishagerty glad you like it :)

: @EricWhitacre yeah! We're glad you're excited! Aaaaand we have a song that's right up your alley :)

: @RyanParma thanks for shooting the video.

: @lauramcnabbxo yay!!

: @jackie_salvador hope you enjoy it!

: @chloesonfire thanks :)

: @ellaandwendy happy birthday! Hope you enjoy the album when it comes out!!

: RT @JacksOnJacks13: Literally crying listening to @PTXofficial's samples of PTVol2. This album will be a breakthrough for the entire music …

: We shot a video that gives you an insider's look into the new material you'll hear on #PTXVol2! Enjoy :) http://t.co/KxnwmPzKsN

: Plus, we love seeing your avatars as the #PTXVol2 album cover art! Thank you! Pre-order #PTXVol2 via this link ----> http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: Till next time, lovelies! Goodnight!!! #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 #PTXVol2 @kirstin_taylor

: @acoUstiKats Haha! Gonna go with Scott on this one! Gotta make that hair extra perfect lol ;)

: @selina_mara Eyelinerrr haha. Two rings and a necklace I never take off. Andddd yeah :)

: @SandyAlincastro Thank you for all the pictures. You are seriously the best, they're AMAZING!

: Guysss, love yall! Thank you SO much for all the love & support you're already giving #PTXVol2. Can't wait for Nov 5th! <3 @kirstin_taylor

: @LadyDubs25 @oliviacunis37 Bahaha I know, I'm sorry!! I'm a night owllllll. Too excited to sleep :)

: @JRSimmons12 Daft Punk medley video....be on the lookout for sneak peaks!!

: @juustlikekamii You are crazy, you totally do! Those are SO cute!!! I love them! :)

: @pentaholicness @VictoriusJ Definitely! It's in the works...any good ideas? ;)

: @hawleegenesis @thesingoff AMAZING! :D We're so pumped!!

: @jonathanyoung97 That's definitely acceptable....tho @Avi_Kaplan is alllll about cheesecake so.... :)

: @heidehosen_PTX Omg yay! Thank you :) I just always pick stuff I like and make it work haha :) Pinterest is always great for ideas tho!

: @monicaatilano @scotthoying @mitchgrassi I'm waiting ;)

: @Jade_Cameron_18 RIGHT?! I agree!

: @MacManusEvan Ahhhh! I'm sorry! Been traveling a lot and running around super busy. All good things though :)

: @oliviacunis37 Why would we be?!

: @MaryKouns You're a sweetheart! Thank you! :)

: @WonderRegan ALL OF THEM :D

: @KaYlAaNnEj Gravity -- @SaraBareilles !! Song has gotten me through SO much and it's just so beautiful. Stirs my soul :)

: @ShirleyMcCoyPTX @themeese2 @scotthoying love you guyssss

: @mickfinney @scotthoying killin the game

: @Joshwilson_01 @KOlusola woooo!!

: @WoefulMinion you win!

: @ihatesomuch @scotthoying yay!!!!!

: @misskayeedee excellent :)

: @TheRevREN absolutely

: @kaylahkristine @scotthoying thank you!!!

: @hassanahmed120 thanks!!

: @abrogail of course

: @cuteguy_ryan wooo!!

: @totallynotrae that's the plan!!! that way we can recognize y'all in a crowd :)

: @Ishbineebob :)

: @jackleon :)

: @christyvdriett :)

: @zipnosis20 THANKS!!!

: @nicklongo7618 well, above all else, we aim to please ;)

: @nicklongo7618 yessssss

: @DiqueDJ woohoooooo!!!

: @iBlackzilla :D

: @oliviacunis37 YAY! THANKS :)

: @SpaceAmongMany perfect timing! thanks :)

: @TheDPurcell :)

: @cecilie_wahl <3

: @Starlysh thank you!!!

: @juustlikekamii no it is not :)

: @jimbola73 THANK YOU!!!

: @cliprkid thanks jesse :)

: @erinlindseyy518 thank you so much!!! we promise the rest is equally awesome ;)

: @slmtigboo awesome!!!

: @maddypeters22 :)


: @emrose39 you're welcome!

: @TerryDelTaylor :)

: @TerryDelTaylor YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!

: @kalifornia429 we should be having a Q & A pretty soon ;-*

: SURPRISE! #PTXVol2 is available NOW for pre-order! Click on the link to get your copy of the new album!! http://t.co/0gyvnbbPfG

: Tomorrow starts the pre-order for #PTXVol2! Who's excited?! :) http://t.co/wirZ1uh8t3

: Thx! RT “@tubefilter: @PTXOfficial Congrats on crackin' Top 50 Most Viewed @YouTube Channels in the US this week! http://t.co/Mcxe8yAVca”

: RT @KOlusola: I just listened to our whole album to start to finish...man, I want 11/5 to come like, tomorrow so we can show y'all these tr…

: RT @ESTArose: @PTXofficial fans are the best. These were hand delivered to me while I was in Argentina. Artist: @SandyAlincastro 💕 http://t…

: Only 2 more days until you can pre-order #PTXVol2!

: Evolution of Music just hit 20 million views! Unreal!! 😳😍 http://t.co/DQ7K75O0Vv

: @NickHopson1 pre-order on @iTunes on tuesday. we'll post a link on twitter & Facebook on monday as well.

: @Hitomimyhomie14 only @itunes pre-order!

: And the countdown begins. 10/15 Preorder on @iTunes. 11/5 Album Release. #PTXVol2 http://t.co/kTU1hJ5MKb

: @KenLevine thank you for posting our cover of Royals!

: ANNOUNCEMENT: #PTXVol2 will be released 11/5!!! Preorder on iTunes on 10/15 with an immediate download of "Can't Hold Us" track!!!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: I am absolutely in love with this new PTX arrangement...

: Starting on a few new arrangements this week! The work never stops for y'all! :D

: Thanks so much for tweeting our Royals cover! RT “@GuyKawasaki: Amazing a cappella cover of Lorde’s “Royals” [video] http://t.co/LDOSf4NzNb”

: We're in the running by @billboard for the best cover of @lordemusic's "Royals"! Click on the link and vote for us! http://t.co/lKun15kD6W

: On set! Fun stuff coming! :) http://t.co/93rAsBzf1s

: Great working with you today!! RT “@KimVFields: Directing the amazing @PTXofficial via FaceTime for Holiday Love! http://t.co/29rSNYZAHY”

: @channingtatum thank you for posting our cover of "Royals" on your fb fan page! Love your work!

: RT @KOlusola: Great brainstorming session today on videos for our #PTXVol2 tracks!

: RT @EW: Lorde's 'Royals': Who covered it best? http://t.co/9WefBwTd4Z

: @thesonicnation thanks for playing our version of Royals today! You'll have to hear our new album when it's out! #PTXVol2

: Do you guys have any guesses on what covers will be on #PtxVol2?

: Cooool!! “@itsGelyssa: @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @PTXofficial Guys you're on french TV !! 😱 http://t.co/yx07ncHdwV”

: @hassanahmed120 patience is a virtue! You may get it sooner than you think ;)

: Remember that you can buy our version of @lordemusic's "Royals" on @iTunesMusic! Link -------> https://t.co/NukyF9fJyu

: Wow, we've reached 5 million views in four days on our cover or "Royals" by @lordemusic! Insane! Thx for listening!http://t.co/kF96zQh4aU

: @SiriusXMHits1 thanks for playing royals y'all! ☺️

: How's everyone doing today?! 😘

: We wouldn't be here without y'all's love and support. Thank you for everything <3

: Thanks <3 :) “@YouTube: An a capella beatbox tribute to Lorde’s “Royals.” http://t.co/cySs7kRsrr (via @PTXofficial)”

: @tyleroakley ❤️❤️❤️

: 1M views in a day for our @lordemusic Royals cover? Thx! Keep sharing, and watch for upcoming #PTXVol2 announcements! http://t.co/6zECM7IS20

: RT @WhatsTrending: .@Ptxofficial lives that fantasy with epic #Royals a cappella cover and music video: http://t.co/qOfLknn8nG

: @OnAirWithRyan thanks y'all 😉😘

: RT @OnAirWithRyan: Watch: Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial) cover @LordeMusic's #Royals. http://t.co/rP7xuFCxE2

: NEW COVER of ROYALS by @lordemusic!! Hope y'all love it :) http://t.co/swJFhGSwDi

: Surprise! We decided to release a video tomorrow of a song we've been obsessed with recently. Any guesses?! :) http://t.co/6sbFCAV1wN

: Over 1.5M subscribers on @YouTube! Thx for supporting us these two years! Can't wait to get #PTXVol2 to y'all soon! http://t.co/HwUzBEdl8N

: @SadieMJames thanks for the update! We'll repost the pic!

: Finalizing mixes today! #PTXVol2 #almostdone

: We love the UCONN 7 pm crowd! Will the 9 pm crowd be just as rowdy? ;)

: RT @VH1Music: 5 A Capella groups you shouldn't be embarrassed about listening to http://t.co/4wtiMu59P5 Incl. @PTXofficial @StreetCornerSym

: @BecomeIncognito we are in Nov! Check http://t.co/Y93kIT4b4L for more info!!

: @KillianDunn7 y'all killed it tonight!

: RT @UconnConnMen: Awesome job by all @uconn a Cappella groups tonight. SO excited to be opening for @PTXofficial tomorrow night!!

: Excited! “@ExMUConn: Did I mention our judges are @PTXofficial themselves?! Check us out at 7:30pm tonight in Jorgensen Theater at #UConn!”

: Check out @sesamestreet's new season trailer! You may see some people you recognize at :30! ;) http://t.co/QoZEEZALnN

: RT @Jorgensen_UConn: Retweet for a chance to WIN tickets to see @PTXofficial this Sat at 9:30pm! Our lucky winner will be announced tomorro…

: Listening and perfecting these mixes for #PTXVol2 😊

: RT @KOlusola: Thanks so much for an amazing night @sacredheartuniv! We had a blast :)

: We're at @sacredheartuniv getting ready for our performance tonight! Who's excited?! 😉

: Sacred Heart University! We're gettin ready to perform for y'all tonight! Who's excited?! 😉

: We are devastated that one of our biggest, youngest, most adorable fans has tragically passed today.… http://t.co/IfYIKi6d1m

: Had a blast today working with Warner Bros. & Habitat For Humanity for their #TNPLH initiative! http://t.co/76rYysIyNB

: RT @RyanParma: Got to film @ptxofficial last night. Y'all, get ready for some exciting stuff coming your way! It's… http://t.co/XRd02pwymn

: RT @KOlusola: Just got into the studio with @thebenbram! Only a couple of hours to record before the band flies out for concerts in CT! #PT

: RT @KOlusola: Wow...I cannot tell you how proud I am of this next album. We've made so much progress in our sound! I love my band so much :…

: Almost too excited for this new album WOW y'all

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Finished ALL of my recording for #PTXVol2 !!!

: These next 24 hours are going to be crucial in getting this album done. #PTXVol2

: RT @KOlusola: Veeeery late night of recording with @thebenbram. #PTXVol2 #gettingitright

: Everything has been recorded! Now to get these tracks juuuust right! We're almost there, y'all!! #PTXVol2

: All of us in the studio yesterday recording another #PTXvol2 song! Excited for this one :) http://t.co/4saeQ3IMUA

: RT @KOlusola: I guess this is the way @Avi_Kaplan and @kirstin_taylor get ready to record in the studio #PTXVol2 #sleepwars http://t.co/UYl…

: Last day of tracking for #PTXVol2 !!!

: Europe/UK tour is almost completely sold out! Woooo! Hurrrrrrrry and get tix! http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: One. More. Song. #PTXVol2

: On the red carpet for the premiere of the stage prod. of The Wizard of Oz! Can't get enough Oz this… http://t.co/y0AtAO1XNt

: After today, we will have one song left to record. Thank. Goodness.

: We are almost done tracking #PTXVol2 !

: If we're not recording, we're arranging. If we're not arranging we're...well, recording some more lol #PTXVol2 #thefinishline

: RT if you're wishing Happy Birthday to the great @scotthoying :)

: @daniellejwade nice to meet you too!!!! :)

: RT @scotthoying: #PTXVol2 is almost done, wooooo! RT if you're gonna get it :P

: Check out some of our performance! RT “@WB_Home_Ent: PTX doing a #wizardofoz75 medley! 🎶 @TCL Chinese Theatre http://t.co/o7IOo3edHC”

: Had an amazing time at The Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3D premiere! Honored to have performed! #WizardofOz75 http://t.co/h4KxhVCOPm

: At the premiere of the 75th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz at the TCL Chinese Theater! #WizardofOz75

: This week, we will be recording like there's no tomorrow. #PTXVol2

: @LRuffs whoa whoa calm down now! We'll let you know when it's done, promise!

: Late night recording finished! #gotitdone #PTXVol2

: Late night recording!! #letsgetitdone #PTXVol2

: RT @KOlusola: .@PTXofficial = family

: Going hard to get this album finished! Recording and arranging every day this week!

: RT @KOlusola: I can't tell you how happy I am to be singing in one of the originals for #PTXVol2! #letsdoit #ohboy

: @realjoeyfatone Joey we love you man! Really appreciate your support!

: RT @realjoeyfatone: My long lost brother from @PTXofficial http://t.co/RiukB4JMxm

: RT @realjoeyfatone: My long lost brother from @PTXofficial http://t.co/RiukB4JMxm

: Aww thanks manager guy RT @jkthreethousand: @PTXofficial it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly you guys deliver. every. single. time.

: RT @jkthreethousand: @PTXofficial it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly you guys deliver. every. single. time. (also, why isn't kenny…

: A day full of running around finding cool outfits to wear >>>>>>> lol :)

: Europe & UK: tickets are still available for our tour on your side of the pond in Nov! Info at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Lots of arranging! #PTXVol2

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: So unbelievably proud of @PTXofficial today. So blessed to be a part of this unbelievable group and family.

: RT @KOlusola: Wow. I can't believe we just finished a new arrangement in 4 hours.

: @emaiswonderful @YouTube Merci beaucoup!

: @alisynoboe that sounds like the best type of afternoon!

: @jademeneguel we agree!!

: @Johney_Bee and we love you!

: @bhsilvers @kirstin_taylor YAAAAY

: @yoMAK_ aww how sweet of you 😘

: @yaoberg we'll have to see! Great song, though! 😊

: @styleswhisper thanks! See you there!!

: @ellie_mor hahaha we love you!

: @BowlOfCeressas maybe so ;)

: @311Austin thank you!

: @btrinsane awesome!

: @GigiLeno now that sounds AWESOME

: @KairieSkye alright!!

: @DziKit thanks! Hope you are coming to our show on your side of the pond!!

: At least you can meet us on twitter. And on tour! Lol RT “@BasketsOfLudwig: If I met the @PTXofficial I would explode”

: @Giggles2182 @scooterbraun @thewanted @scotthoying that would be amazing!

: @momo6298 but you are!! And we use a lot of makeup so lol

: I guess so lol RT “@Chelsey782: Now that @StreetCornerSym followed me, @PTXofficial should probably hop on board. 😉 Riiiiiiiiight??”

: This month is one big arrangement marathon! Lots of new material coming your way 😍

: Check out our own @scotthoying's new cover with the incomparable @ToriKelly! http://t.co/VFVk5D9cVR

: Good morning Pentaholics! We love you!

: RT @scotthoying: worst scare ever #late https://t.co/ICv9Sli57x

: Just took a group nap. Now for arranging :D

: A few very very important rehearsals this week! :D

: And more recording.

: Recording.

: Time to go back home to LA! 😎

: Heard ~10, 000 people we're at the show last night! Surreal! So blessed to have such a supportive hometown:) http://t.co/OCzpL7DoCN

: Photo shoot today in Dallas! ☀😎


: Who's going to our show tonight at the Levitt Pavilion tonight?! Hope to see you all there!

: Good morning, Pentaholics :)

: Love this so much!! So cool! @toddyrockstar, check it out! http://t.co/RW0HWwTnB3


: @murraystateuniv @LandenBates have the university contact our booking agent Seth Rappaport @ the Agency Group & lets see what happens!

: RT @KOlusola: BOI I'm goin' IN for this Arlington show tomorrow night! Levitt Pavilion be there!!

: Show was a blast! Love y'all Auburn! 😎😍☺😘

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: I seriously can't wait to be on stage tonight. Auburn, I'm comin' for ya!

: RT @AirCAcMORE: Could not be more excited to see @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @KOlusola @Avi_Kaplan perform at @AuburnU tonigh…

: RT @KOlusola: Alabama. Lets do it.

: On our way to Alabama for a show at Auburn University! Can't WAIT!

: Just finished shooting a new video. So. Exciting.

: LONDON!!! Tickets for our Nov 21 show at @O2Islington are almost sold out! Get 'em before they're all gone! ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Wow thank you @TheRevREN for this awesome fan video! Didn't know concert days were that stressful!! lol https://t.co/3ox5Z9i6KG

: “@Jamieee101: @PTXofficial thank you guys for all the sacrifices.” It's not a sacrifice if you love what you're doing!

: @maddypeters22 not sure you want to!

: Getting ready for an early morning of shooting tomorrow!! 🍳

: If you haven't checked out our cover of Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" yet, now's your chance! xx http://t.co/oyjzlrYiU6

: Everyone enjoy the #VMA2013?

: @Sophie_unusual yay! See you there!

: @mochipooh2001 we're glad we could help!!

: @TMeraBear2012 that's awesome!!

: @cheylanerose cool. Done lol

: @pie_martina thank you!

: You know it's gonna be a good day when you're recording an original song for #PTXVol2 ;)

: Happy Saturday :) 😎

: Thank you guys! RT @CBSViral: Weekend Music Round-Up: We don't need no band edition http://t.co/ijL9RRHtQT @eltonjohndotcom @PTXofficial

: @Ariel_Brielle we've already played in new york 3 times…but we'll come back in 2014 for sure :)

: @therachelmayes we can't wait to meet you!

: @toillebark YES!

: @globophobiac_ you get a bunch of gear and you get to watch us soundcheck and hang for a while.

: @JenniferLeah7 november will be here before you know it ;)

: @MrIgnorance_ not this tour, but next tour :)

: @ed_nights see you soon!

: @KazBT we'd be your date, but we'll already be there ;)

: @Yemmakelly see you in england :)

: @MaleHopefuls see you in london!

: @JenniferLeah7 which show are you coming to?

: @Rachel_LR we are just as excited :)

: @Jacobeans @serenapatel so have we!!!

: @Joe_TO WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

: @KlodVonSexterxD see you there!

: @Jiehsikahhh excellent!!!

: @cakeyriddell awh yeah is right!

: @nickmartland1 see you soon!

: @KlodVonSexterxD :)

: @MoonMeloen see you there!

: UK + Europe: All tickets (VIP & General Admission) for our November 2013 shows are now ON SALE!!! ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: UK + Europe tour update: ALL SHOWS ARE ON SALE TOMORROW!!!! (Can you tell we're excited?) ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: @jazzzmain do itttt!

: For those of you who haven't heard, we're going to EUROPE! :) Get tickets at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ!

: Whoa, 2 million views in 2 days?! Pentaholics Rock!! Keep sharing our @macklemore & @RyanLewis cover "Cant Hold Us"! http://t.co/fLrTOef2jJ

: RT @YouTube: #Trending: A capella quintet @PTXofficial pay homage to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. http://t.co/9rdzm4FFg1

: We made it on the @YouTube popular page! So exciting! Wouldn't be possible without you guys :D http://t.co/L42nJhYZHh

: @xmelamo YAAAYYYY! We may or may not steal this pic right now :D

: @2DayFM Thanks for the shout out! Hope we can pass through sometime!

: @_alyssamarquez really? what station?

: Half a million views in a day! Ahhh! Thanks to all who shared the new video! http://t.co/sp3KYTsOiE

: @JackaryWoo ptxoffical/tour (there is a VIP button)

: @TeamGrandeUK makes sure to check the site for on-sale times and info… and SEE YOU SOON!

: @diagronalley_ all the info is at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ (click on the buy button or details button)

: @Chaz1308 we can be your dates. plus, there are 5 of us!!! :)

: @BlansFundak not according to some of our friends in the UK ;)

: UK + EUROPE!!! VIP Tickets for our November tour are ON SALE NOW. General tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY!!! ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Thanks, YouTube! RT “@YouTube: #Trending: A cappella quintet @PTXofficial pay homage to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. http://t.co/nuPSbe15nP”

: @Femtastico yes! Check http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ for more info!!

: Wow, almost 500K views on our #PTXVol2 track "Can't Hold Us" by @macklemore & @RyanLewis! Keep sharing and RT!! :) http://t.co/fLrTOef2jJ

: In case you missed it, we just released a #PTXVol2 track! "Cant Hold Us" by @macklemore & @RyanLewis! Share & RT!! http://t.co/fLrTOef2jJ

: First track from #PTXVol2! Our version of "Can't Hold Us" by @Macklemore and Ryan Lewis! Enjoy! http://t.co/fLrTOef2jJ

: RT @KOlusola: Driving with @Avi_Kaplan listening to the track that's coming out today >>>>>

: NEW VIDEO TOMORROW! A track from PTX Vol. 2! Who's excited? :) http://t.co/EfrZzlUFWb

: You guys have NO idea how pumped we are to release our new video tomorrow. :)

: Exciting week ahead! Releasing our Europe tour dates AND premiering our first track from #PTXVol2! RT if you're ready for it!!

: Out with my homegirl @andiewheatley! #NBCpageprogram http://t.co/1GuSO3u0AY

: Getting wardrobe for our next video shoot today! :D

: @HermioneLANEger haha sounds like a good day.

: Remember to check next week for Europe tour dates and the first track from our newest album #PTXVol2!

: @Hannahs16 check for updates next week!!

: @louiseeeeee_ yay!

: @dearniall_stop hahaha when @Avi_Kaplan get mistaken for someone else, he does his frown face lol

: @rachelkreiger and we love you!!

: @SophiaEAdler that's so nice!

: @B_Blackburn21 glad you like our music!!

: @Pam9081 glad you like them!!

: @mikeeman9 thank you!

: @BillLaacey check for dates next week ;)

: @fannyjassin cool!!

: YAAAS RT “@drowsybrowser: Guy behind me in line at Chipotle is wearing a @PTXofficial shirt.”

: Sounds like it! RT “@megan__thomas1: All I did today was listen to @PTXofficial . It was a good day.”

: @HollBrennan haha well then you need to watch out for some Europe tour dates that come out next week :)

: Super productive arranging session for one of our new originals today! We think y'all are going to really love this one! :D

: Super productive arranging session today for one of our new originals today! We think y'all are going to really love this one :D

: Pentaholics are the sweetest, coolest, most dedicated, giving and talented fans. Ever.

: Absolutely! Who's gonna watch this season? RT “@shawnstockman: Keep calm, and watch @thesingoff, this holiday season, on NBC!"

: Heading back to LA today! Iowa we will miss your food and good company.

: EUROPE ARE YOU READY? http://t.co/u2kYAnFZiY

: @emilygraceUK thank you!!

: Who's excited to hear a track from #PTXVol2 next week? :) http://t.co/oD9incygw5

: 2 BIG Announcements!! http://t.co/oD9incygw5

: Also, some cool announcements are coming later today!! :)

: 2 of our band members started a hysterical new vlog channel today! Follow their new twitter @SUP3RFRUIT :)

: @heidehosen_PTX @VictoriaJustice it's a 45 min set!!

: @globophobiac_ maybe one day!

: Who's going to see us with @VictoriaJustice at the Iowa State Fair tomorrow in Des Moines? :)

: @Exterminate__ thank you!

: Who's going to see us and @VictoriaJustice at the State Fair tomorrow? :)

: RT @KOlusola: Flashback...@kirstin_taylor on @thesingoff. She was pretty then...and she's even prettier now ;) http://t.co/WX0eYtASBN

: New announcements coming soon! Exciting things on the horizon. Love you guys! ❤

: 8/13. Exciting announcements coming up. Get ready ;)

: @LisaScafPerthLM thanks for coming!!

: Good day of rehearsal and recording! Can't wait for next week...we have some pretty exciting announcements to share! #getexcited #☺

: RT @sourcefed: Backstage at #VidCon with @ptxofficial! http://t.co/hSTZJUWHvw

: A pic from our Portofino, Italy trip! We miss it there so much! http://t.co/d2mNhL8ScN

: @thefinebros email us! jk3000@me.com

: Just finished the new arrangement! We will get it out to y'all ASAP! :D

: Rehearsing for our new YouTube cover today! Super excited for y'all to see this one!

: Reunited with The Sing-Off family and feeling incredibly nostalgic! :) http://t.co/TETFGNwyXt

: Doing some really fun press stuff today! Lots of Deja Vu!

: RT @HuffPostTeen: "Thrift Shop" like you've never heard it before http://t.co/cEVquXbHf0

: It was so much fun touring this year and meeting all of you guys! Any favorite parts of our show? Any lasting memories? Tell us! :)

: A great day of working on #PTXVol2! We're definitely pushing ourselves to make better vocal music on this album for you guys :) #progress

: RT @VidCon: Favorite part of VidCon...GO!

: Crazy week ahead of arranging more originals for #PTXVol2!

: RT @KOlusola: 830 am pst. I don't really wanna start my day yet so...thought I might do a Q&A about anything PTX on my twitter account. Any…

: Our thrift shop collab at @VidCon with @flula, @MadilynBailey, and @tylerwardmusic! So much fun! http://t.co/l7dM9LG8RS”

: Haha thanks :) RT “@thestylebros: You know you better be checking out @PTXofficial. Cannot.stop.listening. Beyond amazing!!”

: Atlanta, thanks for making our last show of tour memorable. :) xx http://t.co/NEd3MEU75g

: Thank you, Myrtle Beach! http://t.co/3URkasqsRj

: REHEARSAL TODAY. Time to work on #PTXVol2! #tourfinished #studiowork #alldayeveryday

: @mpactbassman thanks for doing sound for us tonight! We love you!

: Aww wow thank you! RT “@curtmega: Sometimes I listen to @PTXofficial sing and just wonder what I'm doing with my life.”

: Thanks for the pic! RT “@SallyAdelle: Ahh, you guys are great!! #acapella @PTXofficial @HollywoodBowl http://t.co/kyhXCfFxWl”

: DIANA ROSS is killing it right now!! She is a LEGEND! We're so honored to have opened for her!

: @JustinMikita Thanks!!

: Watching Diana Ross's band warmup! They are insane! Can't wait to open for her at the Hollywood Bowl! http://t.co/PdyQNyQ5bz

: We love you guys :) #PentaholicsRule http://t.co/zDOkRd5BWx

: Great fun meeting all of you at @VidCon! Now heading home to rest before our performance for Diana Ross tmrw! http://t.co/wwSWqHFnoB

: RT @tyleroakley: TODAY: I'm cohosting the @VidCon Mainstage with @Harto (9am-10:30am) ft: @JacksGap @mametown @PTXofficial @gracehelbig @Fi

: Anyone who is up early enough, be sure to see our live performance at @VidCon on the Main Stage @ 9:30am! Lovelovelove!

: We perform on Friday at 930 am on the mainstage for @VidCon! We'll see you there! :) http://t.co/dSeZX8uiCy

: Yay for @VidCon! Can't wait to be a part of it! Who's going? 😍

: So excited to perform tonight!! Who's all coming to the show?? ☺

: Also, we're pumped to perform at @VidCon this year! Excited to hang with our YT friends! ☺

: Last show of tour tonight! Huge crowd, and we're excited to end it with a bang!

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Last show on tour! ATL let's do it RIGHT!

: Atlanta. We love you. And we're playing at @TabernacleATL TONIGHT! Last date of tour! Get your tickets! http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: WOW! Thank you sooo much Myrtle Beach! WE LOVE YOU!!

: @mackymusiclover thanks! Hope you get to see us on tour sometime!

: RT @HollywoodBowl: NEWS! "The Sing-Off" winners Pentatonix (@PTXOfficial) will kick off Diana Ross's return to the Bowl this Saturday! http…

: MYRTLE BEACH! We still have some tickets left! Get them here! ---> http://t.co/ZLY6d1xqv7

: RT @KOlusola: Uh ohhh...I want to meet every single Pentaholic on the planet. #canwemakethathappen

: @kristynwinch see you there!

: @mrjatkin thank you, sir!

: @saffa1974 sooner than you think. :)

: @ebonyyybell thanks!!

: @CharCubed thank you :)

: @Mylzar97 aw yeah!

: @t4L14_r0s3 bump that bass! @Avi_Kaplan

: @carmen_craven <3

: @ugadawglover09 :)

: @amandatranrocks I like that attitude.

: @sarah_smiiles_ yes! Not yet, sorry!

: @xwhitneymariex <3

: @DSlaymaker2 thanks!

: @Moseph81 ;)

: @lawd_shawty d'aw.

: Working on a new arrangement today. I think you guys are really gonna like this one :)

: Asheville, thanks so much! We had a blast. :):):) http://t.co/7X85C4IM6H

: Asheville! Lets do thiiiiiiis!

: Norfolk, thank you so much! http://t.co/trrifDINLK

: RT @ThePeel: Tonight we have a SOLD OUT show with Pentatonix at @thepeel @ The Orange Peel http://t.co/NLzjTEGqyb

: RT @KISSFMPhoenix: Web Celeb of the Week! @PTXofficial and @LindseyStirling cover @Imaginedragons hit song #Radioactive --> http://t.co/OPJ…

: YES! RT “@onthebrinkley: They played the @PTXofficial & @LindseyStirling collab of Radioactive on the radio today! @Avi_Kaplan @KOlusola

: RT @KOlusola: I'm watching the video to one of our new #PTXVol2 tracks right now...and all I can say is...man I can't wait to show y'all th…

: Avi singing Misty Mountains! The ladies couldn't handle the low notes 😝 http://t.co/c43mYLawGv

: We see you, Norfolk! Let's party tonight! http://t.co/GgjN14zti2

: @AnnaHarrick Thanks for putting that together. It was nice meeting you! ❤

: LOVE our twitter fans! Tap once to pause and see one of the pages of this amazing book! https://t.co/fxgkPqxpJz

: the amazing kolusola :) http://t.co/Q1Ww4ZGKe0

: :25 ;) http://t.co/TSj4ZiTWKf

: You ready, Norfolk?! http://t.co/XooHATcsbn

: Had a great time in Red Bank. :) thanks guys! http://t.co/FtoBl8UGNA

: A very relaxing day off before the show in Norfolk, VA tomorrow! :)

: @8BeatMeasure I LOVE YOU. Thank you for the cake :D!

: RT @carrieunderwood: This video is so cool! lots of Idol love in it! The Wizard of Ahhhs by Todrick Hall http://t.co/BETz09uOYM

: @carrieunderwood Thank you! That means so much coming from you! We are big fans ☺

: Thank you, Albany!! http://t.co/dQI3ZT2UZA

: RT @KOlusola: I can't tell you how hard y'all Pentaholics ball...I'm just gonna throw out a wild guess and say its "so hard".

: Flashback! RT “@PTXFans: "Battlefield" with @PTXofficial and @JordinSparks! wish we could get a studio version! http://t.co/O60y6Mwtj8”

: Well howdy Red Bank, NJ! Who's coming to see us in concert today? Ticket info -----> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: we're OBSESSED! http://t.co/bSnvJwYDG0

: SO excited for our Albany concert tonight! There are still a few tix left! Get them here! ---> http://t.co/ZLY6d1xqv7

: RT @wgnotwist: Super Acapella group, #Pentatonix in New Orleans! http://t.co/hVxtENzO21 @PTXofficial @KOlusola @Avi_Kaplan @Kirstin_taylo

: RT @VIPNation: @PTXofficial Norfolk @TheNorVa 7/27 Ultimate VIP & VIP Itineraries Have Been Emailed! RT If You're Comin'!!

: RT @VIPNation: @PTXofficial Asheville @ThePeel 7/28 Ultimate VIP & VIP Itineraries Have Been Emailed! RT If You're Comin'!!

: Taking the day off in NYC to celebrate a certain PTX member's birthday (which is actually tomorrow)! Can you guess who? Hint: angelic voice.

: RT @JNoodles_: A new @PTXofficial/@toddyrockstar-related article from @Yahoo @ycontributor is now up! Check it out here! - http://t.co/qccY…

: Pittsburgh, thank you so much!! http://t.co/f9f0Mrc5ks

: Oops. http://t.co/fCJYWqwkSj

: Baltimore, we ❤ you! http://t.co/PugpXLVjZK

: @paige_MAEJOR come then! http://t.co/Y93kIT4b4L for ticket info!

: @MadysonMarie well come! Ticket info: http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: Pittsburgh!! Y'all ready to have some fun tonight? http://t.co/KS1XnlwkmC

: AMAZING show in Baltimore tonight! Thank y'all so much!


: Who's coming? :) RT “@RamsHeadLive: Looking forward to @PTXofficial TONIGHT. http://t.co/5rd3tKV1f0”

: riding bulls http://t.co/vHBndmwE7s

: THIS IS INSANE!!! RT “@TauriCaputo: CRAZY!!! JukeBox | The BrainBangerz | Pentatonix @PTXOFFICIAL: http://t.co/xNYKfJaPqM #brainbanged

: @juustlikekamii central BBQ ;)

: @shelbieee28 yes! Opening for Victoria Justice at 7 pm

: What. A. Day. Our bus breaks down in TN, so we flew to Baltimore and now we are taking a van to the Delaware State Fair. #wedoitforthefans

: What. A. Day. Our bus breaks down in TN, so now we've flown to Baltimore and are currently taking a van to the Delaware State Fair. #stress

: Over a million views in less than 3 days on our collab video w/ @toddyrockstar! Thx for watching, & keep sharing :) http://t.co/JoilYwdrg9

: Memphis!!! What a crowd :) we love you! http://t.co/BpMPI0FoLO

: Memphis!! Are you ready to have some fun tonight?

: RT @YouTube: Follow the yellow brick road with a-cappella friends @PTXofficial. http://t.co/TFdDmbw5kX

: RT @toddyrockstar: So excited, "The Wizard of Ahhhs" has reached over 1 million views in less than 2 days. Please keep sharing! http://t.co…

: In beautiful Memphis today! Can't wait for the show tonight!!!

: @ToriKelly Thanks tori! Our collab needs to happen ASAP

: Wizard of Ahhhs is on the front page of http://t.co/chOe4OWjLs! How exciting :) http://t.co/iic0hFWmuj

: Thank you, New Orleans, for a great first show back! :) http://t.co/dNLBUeeA7j

: @scooterbraun Thank you so much!! We love working with @toddyrockstar :)

: Have you seen our collaboration video with @toddyrockstar yet? #thewizardofahhs http://t.co/N21qjw7FUX

: Have you see. Our collab video with @toddyrockstar yet? #thewizardofahhs http://t.co/fCYlI315Lt

: FYI, our collab video with @toddyrockstar called #TheWizardofAhhhs is out! Enjoy!! Like it and share it! http://t.co/N21qjw7FUX

: @karisaliannee thank you!!

: @AllenZaki @toddyrockstar @YouTube thank you! We hope so!

: @AdroitxAssassin awe thanks :)

: @GretchenElise1 @toddyrockstar now that is AMAAZING.

: @kcamigz @toddyrockstar thank youuuu!

: @atweetforemiIy @toddyrockstar thank you!!

: @madalemon0591 glad you liked it!

: @iRikLee yaaaaay!

: @firewifesara @toddyrockstar haha thanks.

: @Manduhify we appreciate it!

: @FarmasaurusRx thank youuuu!

: @Treacy_e aww thanks :)

: @DMAdust thank you!!

: @LesterSaysPika @toddyrockstar @be_dramarie thanks a bunch!!

: @c_wharff haha thanks!

: Congrats to @SaraBareilles for releasing her record today! Can't wait to pick it up! #WeLoveSingOffJudges

: Its up! Our collab with @toddyrockstar :) RT!! 'The Wizard of Ahhhs' http://t.co/2fBEWVC0ez

: @mickfinney

: If you want a head start on experiencing the new Wizard Of Ahhhs video! The audio is available on iTunes! :) http://t.co/IeII40op5x

: RT @MySpiltMilk: How does an a cappella group relate to EDM? Ask Pentatonix, who play @HOBNOLA Weds http://t.co/WQSeOEitma @PTXofficial

: "The Wizard Of Ahhhs" coming in T-minus 4 hours! 7pm/6c!

: Who's excited for our #WizardOfAhhhs collab video with @toddyrockstar? Coming out today!!

: @DJ_JVO that's veeeery true :) http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: @NickSLachey haha well we hope to do it soon! You'll be the first to know when we do it!!

: @EnjimaSan hi!

: When PTX does a world tour >>>>>>>>>

: @Gregorythompson we can't wait to put it out!

: @SunnyKim27 well that's amazing :)

: @itsdanieldave thanks! Can't wait for you to hear the originals on this next album :)

: @nick_reyes_98 wow what a statement! Thank you!

: @perfectboysb glad you listened to us! Thanks for everything :)

: @a_garrity haha this pic is everything .)

: @Benedictusjeff4 haha we love you!

: @abbigailann1 yaaaay!

: @lukefolse7 see you then!

: @daringdoran89 @DakotaHaines see you sooooooon!!

: @ryanblanck thanks!

: @penguintard @RachelCarnie @SarahCookieee yes. It shall. Lol see you then!

: @mpenner11 see you then!!

: @julia_button @carlyrachel_ hahah yes! You do!

: @KieraAycock we'll see you soon!!

: @JustBrianna21 aww thanks :)

: @bcd2122 @scotthoying @mitchgrassi yay!! See you when it happens!!

: @JadedArsenic you can so call @VIPNation to help sort that out!!

: @clarissachang13 thank youuu!!

: Haha funny one 😍 RT “@sweetieErah: #fakefacts I Dont like @PTXofficial

: @lynnmg @brooklin1978 nice! We will see you there!!

: @aprilptx @toddyrockstar yes ma'am!

: Tour starts in 2 days!!!!! Get your tickets now!! http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: Glad you like it! RT “@joleney: Got my @PTXofficial cd in today! Well worth the wait! Thank you @WhatsTrending !!! http://t.co/kanpgCq03i”

: RT @star1043: NEW CONTEST: Win tickets to see #Pentatonix live at @ThePeel! http://t.co/3tMoYZlVhJ @PTXofficial #avlent #avlmusic

: RT @toddyrockstar: Only 48 more hours until "Wizard of Ahhhs" featuring @ptxofficial is released. On a scale of 1-10 how… http://t.co/iVILL…

: Best tweet we've seen this morning :) RT “@musicsweety101: listening to @PTXofficial to start my day off 👌😌”

: NICE! RT “@AngiChiaraPTX: Hey! Thoughts on the leaflets of our Italian Street Team?? :3 @PTXofficial @PTXStreetTeam http://t.co/7ZyMA28lco”

: Yes! RT “@larasatiajeng: "@PTXINDO: @AngiChiaraPTX @PTXofficial @PTXStreetTeam wow! We got some too <3 http://t.co/NY8d0y7L3a" YAS ♥”

: Tickets still available for our tour that starts in 4 DAYS! http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: Can't wait to reconvene in New Orleans for our first show of summer tour!

: Well that's awesome :) RT “@meganboulanger: I listen to @PTXofficial every morning. They're like my breakfast.”

: Tour is starting up July 17th in New Orleans at @HOBNOLA and goes till July 31st! Ticket info: http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: We're also excited!! RT “@cadehortline: too excited for this. http://t.co/BSePlCfF37 @PTXofficial @toddyrockstar

: If you want to send us the amazing gifts you've made us! We'd love to decorate:) 4220 lankershim blvd, 3rd floor, north hollywood, ca 91602

: We finally have a little break before our summer tour! Need to be at our best for y'all :D

: RT @toddyrockstar: Wizard of Ahhhs TEASER - COMING JULY 16th starring @ptxofficial you guys ready??? http://t.co/9EjeYle0zw

: Shot ANOTHER video yesterday! Lots of stuff coming y'all's way ❤:) http://t.co/uCC4NKj2fM

: So do we! What do y'all think? Retweet if you agree! RT “@PTXINDO: i SO want @PTXofficial to be in Pitch Perfect 2”

: So do we! What I y'all think? Retweet if you agree! RT “@PTXINDO: i SO want @PTXofficial to be in Pitch Perfect 2”

: Another long shoot done!! We're knocking out these #PTXVol2 music videos!

: @algebrit not if, but when… ;)

: FINALLY!!! All of our tour merch is online and available for purchase. Check it out here (or at our shows) ---> http://t.co/gjVKo4L3IN

: RT @VIPNation: FYI, @PTXofficial VIP Sales Close 10 Days Prior To Show! Memphis 7/18, Baltimore 7/21 & Pittsburgh 7/22 Close Soon! http://t…

: Filmed a video last night with Fifgen Films! :) http://t.co/fZ5tqet2p5

: More and more shoots for #PTXVol2 today!!

: This video is going to be GORGEOUS! :D

: Shooting a new video for the album today! Can't WAIT for y'all to see this one :D

: We can't wait for our collab video, "The Wizard of Ahhhs", with @toddyrockstar to come out! http://t.co/unfpHBiknw

: Haha thank goodness that's not the case #PTXVol2 RT “@HolaBrody: If PTX Vol. 1 were the only album @PTXofficial made, I'd still be content.”

: Had an amazing 4th yesterday :) Love you all! http://t.co/RKRabWZoJB

: @morkanthony @katyperry @scotthoying hahaha thanks :)

: @AllysonKate19 @BoyzIIMen that'd be great!!

: @lilyjorgensen_ @BoyceAvenue aw how nice of you!

: What's everyone doing for the 4th?

: Our collab with toddyrockstar, "The Wizard of Ahhhs", comes out July 16th :) Get ready! http://t.co/4CkR7MFxHM

: You can buy our "Radioactive" single on @iTunes! https://t.co/PXObXsDWf7 http://t.co/VypyKu8PSH

: Wow! 23M views on our @Imaginedragons's "Radioactive" collab video w/ @LindseyStirling! Thx y'all! http://t.co/auCfdvOyF1

: RT @RamsHeadLive: RT if your PUMPED to see @PTXofficial @RamsHeadLive on 7/21! Get your TIX! http://t.co/3kqIF2mq0q #a cappella #RHL #Vocal

: RT @toddyrockstar: So excited to announce that my video "The Wizard of Ahhhs" starring @ptxofficial will hit youtube July… http://t.co/FEOi…

: Remember, you can still get tickets online for our summer tour at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ! We wanna see you there!

: Yay! RT “@KOlusola: IT'S HERE! String Quartet, cellobox, & piano version of @ddlovato's "Heart Attack"! Share it! https://t.co/rKRHnqxLiw”

: Reworking some of the new material today. #PTXVol2

: Excited! RT “@KOlusola: New video coming out tomorrow! Can't wait to show you all! #ClassySwagger http://t.co/tpDbQO1pXW”

: July is upon us...that means PTX summer tour! Who's coming to see us? You can find dates and ticket information at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ!

: Up for almost 24 hrs, but finally done with the @toddyrockstar video shoot! Can't wait to see it! Now...onto official #PTXVol2 business :)

: Almost done shooting this video with @toddyrockstar! #amazingproduct #letsdoit

: We've been going since 4 am shooting this new collab video with @toddyrockstar! It's going to look SOOOO AMAZING!! Can't wait to show y'all!

: We are!! RT “@KOlusola: So excited that I'm releasing a new video on Tuesday! Who's excited? :) #classyswagger http://t.co/r3YVVWm52r”

: RT @KOlusola: Started the day at 4 am and now we here. Oh...so is the whole team. They all here too.

: @maxersloan haha glad we can make music you like!

: @skgraphic hopefully this fall!

: Thanks to all who watched the @stageit show! We had a blast :)

: GOING ON IN 10 MINUTES!! Performing, answering questions, and singing a clip from the new album ;) http://t.co/hhmPbErVOX!! @stageit

: Getting ready for our @stageit show in 45 minutes. Tune in now at http://t.co/FEh3w0Wne5! http://t.co/h8gA0jxupT

: @PTX_Fan1998 @tori_bandnerd @avi_kaplan @stageit you can watch in germany!

: Our @StageIt show is LIVE in just over 3.5 hours. We added more tickets. Join us at http://t.co/0WyMncXu6l

: Almost done recording our parts for this video with @toddyrockstar! Who's excited for this collab? #WeAre

: RT @mitchgrassi: RT if @PTXofficial needs a tour dog

: We are EXCITED to be performing and taking your questions tomorrow on @Stageit at 3pm PDT!!! Tix still available here http://t.co/0WyMncXu6l

: Diligently working on PTX Vol. 2 for you guys :)

: PTX Vol. 1 was released a year ago today, and you guys got it up to #14 on Billboard. Something we'll never forget :) Thanks! ❤

: Thanks! Chao! RT “@lacervara: @PTXofficial A real pleasure to listen your interpretations in Italy! We hope to see you soon at @lacervara !”

: It's a great feeling working hard at what you love. Very long days for the next 2 weeks, but absolutely worth it to make quality music ;)

: @LivingAsKayla it's going to be veeeery good when it's done :)

: @JamieLeighxo__ love you too!!

: @ng_bilinski @thebenbram @toddyrockstar @scotthoying if you want it to be lol :)

: @erinlindseyy518 @Hai_BaiBee we're excited to meet y'all :)

: @HausOfFlora Merci beaucoup! We hope to be going to France sometime!

: @tinabob haha hilarious!

: @spurr91 thanks for listening!

: @Heidehosen and you shouldn't be!

: @Dre_3thousand hahaha!

: We're working hard on it! RT “@Hannah_HotSauce: I'm so pumped for @PTXofficial new album!!!”

: @John_Marzano @thebenbram it's a good time!!

: @readstooswift @Imaginedragons @LindseyStirling glad you enjoy it!!

: @ugadawglover09 @UGARedcoatBand can't wait!

: Working with the brilliant @thebenbram and @toddyrockstar this morning! Exciting things coming ;) http://t.co/9fZsT25q99

: Working with the brilliant @thebenbram and toddyrockstar today! Exciting things coming :) http://t.co/XtOIY4yfHu

: RT @RamsHeadLive: Who's PUMPED for @PTXofficial to come to #RHL July 21!? Check out this cover of 'Thrift Shop' the group sang LIVE. http:/…

: We are SO excited for our @stageit show this friday!! http://t.co/f9MOAHeqlm

: Our heads are exploding cause some of these #PTXVol2 arrangements are getting crazy to sing! #excitingtimes

: RT @AC_Ent: Winners of @nbc's @thesingoff, @PTXofficial, will be @MinglewoodHall & @ThePeel in July! http://t.co/LmlBXplZhh

: RT @KOlusola: Oh buddy @Avi_Kaplan and I are about to finish writing this song for #PTXVol2. #ICanFeelTheExcitement

: Lots of #PTXVol2 business to finish between now and July 17th when we go back on tour. Let the games begin :)

: Lots of #PTXVol2 business to finish between now and July 17th when we go back on tour. Let the games begin :)

: Wow! @RezonanceVocal killin' our end of time cover! Good job guys, and thanks for the shout out :) http://t.co/alU7f79oq9

: Wow! @RezonanceVocal killin' our end of time cover! Good job guys, and thanks for the shout out :) http://t.co/alU7f79oq9

: Well this is cool! RT “@PTXFans: A fan sent us this link today. Did you know there was a @ptxofficial Wiki?? http://t.co/iSlHSvwmRg”

: Well this is cool! RT “@PTXFans: A fan sent us this link today. Did you know there was a @ptxofficial Wiki?? http://t.co/iSlHSvwmRg”

: @Diana_Guillen thank you!

: @Diana_Guillen thank you!

: @Glass_Cat we appreciate it!

: @CP_OD thank you!

: @HaileyDarrlyn thank you! Hopefully we will tour in your area sometime soon!

: @Tommy_Roldan31 thanks a bunch! Hopefully you can see us on tour! http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: @TeeJaay25 @kirstin_taylor haha glad you're still listening to our Christmas music :)

: @m_a_x_glansy see you soon!

: RT @ThePeel: @gprisby Here are the shows on 7/26-28. FRi. ~ @YachtRockRevue, Sat. ~ @GrindAICTribute & Sun. ~ @PTXofficial http://t.co/rRio…

: PTX in Portofino, Italy; What an unbelievable experience! http://t.co/2xh8JIWPB8

: Amazing time in Italy! Flying back to the States today!

: RT @VIPNation: @PTXofficial Atlanta @TabernacleATL Ultimate VIP Packages Have Sold-Out! A Handful Of VIP Packages Remain At http://t.co/wja…

: RT @VIPNation: @PTXofficial Baltimore @RamsHeadLive Ultimate VIP Packages Have Sold-Out! A Handful Of VIP Packages Remain At http://t.co/c6…

: @Naxield @LindseyStirling haha we already did :)

: Back to work on an amazing track for #PTXVol2 today!

: Happy Father's Day! We wouldn't be here without them! :D

: A break weekend is nice, but we can't WAIT to get back to work on #PTXVol2 :D

: About to have a very restful weekend before we get back on the recording train for #PTXVol2!

: RT @jameemichelle: Every time someone mentions @PTXofficial or anything that sounds relatively close to it my heart starts pumping and I ge…

: Check out this video of @gracehelbig using our "Radioactive" cover to look sexy. http://t.co/TaMAjymdrh

: Good morning Pentaholics! We LOVE you :D

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: P. T. X. Vol. Ume. 2. >>>

: Back in the studio with @Jamie_Rise producing tracks for #PTXVol2! #MakingMusicHappen http://t.co/KLpubKHoZ4

: @Jessi4PTX thanks for letting us know about it!

: Thanks @Yahoo for the article on our @jtimberlake cover! http://t.co/3CoK7IqMu3

: What's your #hope4children? Support our friends at @whatstrending RT and watch live now > http://t.co/HEyks0VSLo

: RT @scotthoying: annnnnd day has improved 100% thanks to this writing session with @KOlusola #veryexcited

: RT @KOlusola: Oh man @scotthoying and I finished an original song for #PTXVol2 and it's SO. MUCH. FUN. Wow...this album is gonna be really …

: RT @Avi_Kaplan: Learning a new arrangement for #PTXVol2 and it's AMAZING.

: Now arranging more epic music for #PTXVol2! #DopeArrangementsComingNearYou

: Time to arrange this original song for #PTXVol2!

: RT @scotthoying: because of protools 10, all our sessions for the new album end with the filename extension .ptx #itsasign

: Yesterday = a good day of R&R. Today = more arranging for #PTXVol2. #DoingItBig #MakingMusicForYou

: RT @KOlusola: Im having a REALLY fun time writing with @mitchgrassi and @scotthoying #PTXVol2

: We had so much fun on @WhatsTrending yesterday, in case you missed it. check it out! http://t.co/isQqn3Ra5q

: And we're so happy that our @jtimberlake cover has almost half a million views in less than a week! Keep sharing ;) https://t.co/aVsIX2mBtc

: A morning and afternoon of epic arranging and writing #PTXVol2

: Wow, that's cool! Thanks YouTube! RT “@the_rachel_wall: @PTXofficial GUYS LOOK AT @YouTube's FB PAGE http://t.co/kYhav5RII4”

: Thanks for having us! RT “@WhatsTrending: LIVE: @ptxofficial is filling our studio with their insane talent! http://t.co/skm5V9LAOi”

: celebrating 1M subscribers with @shiralazar at WhatsTrending! Woo! http://t.co/UI81DeBpoq

: We're about to perform on @WhatsTrending! Go tune in NOW!!

: Join us LIVE tomorrow to celebrate 1 million subscribers on @WhatsTrending !!!! Tune in at noon pt/3pm et on http://t.co/6ibPWmFQQS!"

: Crazy all that can happen in just 2 years :') #2YearPentaversary http://t.co/uK3bE8MNT2

: Crazy all that can happen in just 2 years :') #2YearPentaversary http://t.co/uK3bE8MNT2

: 2 years ago today PTX met/sang for the first time! Little did we know that our lives were going to completely change. :') #2YearPentaversary

: It's a good morning to start recording original material for #PTXVol2! LETS GO!

: A good day of scheduling for #PTXVol2. This album is gonna be very, VERY good.

: @1043MYfm thanks a bunch!

: Just in case you missed it, we put up a @jtimberlake cover of "Pusher Love Girl" yesterday! Check it out! http://t.co/53uZgn3tse

: If you're in LA and want to join our 1 million sub celebration on @whatstrending in studio this Thur June 6- rsvp now!info@whatstrending.com

: Thx! RT “@OnAirWithRyan: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) cover Justin Timberlake's (@JTimberlake) "Pusher Love Girl." http://t.co/06Oj5fD4RY”

: The love y'all have shown for our @jtimberlake cover has been overwhelming! Thank you guys so much! Keep sharing! http://t.co/kwhfpRBNpe

: @WhatsTrending @jtimberlake thanks!!

: Thanks for all the love on the new @jtimberlake cover!! Share it! RT! <3 http://t.co/kwhfpRBNpe

: NEW VIDEO IS UP!! RT :) Pusher Love Girl - Pentatonix (Justin Timberlake Cover) http://t.co/kwhfpRBNpe

: Gonna be uploading a new video soon. Get. Ready.

: @TheRevREN nice!

: @xoxshelleyoxo @TheDigiTour thanks! See you there!!

: We're liking these guesses for our cover coming up tomorrow! Any more ideas of what our song might be tomorrow?

: Pic from the shoot for the #newvideomonday :) http://t.co/vXZfqbvALJ

: #NEWVIDEOMONDAY Any guesses? :)

: Thanks @TheDigiTour for having us perform! It was so much fun! #digifestnyc

: Surprise video for u guys! We worked with @Oreo for their "Wonderfilled" Campaign & this is our version of the song! http://t.co/rxDw2gSydS

: Yay! RT “@lyndseyparker: @PTXofficial @OurNameIsFun @thesingoff they like your cover!”

: @lyndseyparker @OurNameIsFun @thesingoff hahaha hope the interview turned out great!

: Love this RT “@Grizzly_Beric: Just got iTunes. First song I bought: Radioactive cover by @PTXofficial and @LindseyStirling #sogood

: @KRNFX thank you!

: New video out Monday to celebrate 1M @YouTube subscribers and 100K @twitter followers! Who's excited?! Cause we are ;)

: New video out Monday to celebrate 1M YouTube subscribers! Who's excited?!

: @cherylthemuse66 @TheDigiTour http://t.co/0jiGHj6YZP! That's where are the deets are!

: Correction: our set at @TheDigiTour is 1030 pm - 11 pm!! See you there!!

: A good morning to fly to NYC for @TheDigiTour! Who's coming tomorrow? We go on @ 940 pm, but other great artists perform throughout the day!

: There are only 100 tickets left for @TheDigiTour this Saturday at Terminal 5! Get your tickets NOW! Info here ----> http://t.co/faYWbMlNeL

: Any Pentaholics seeing us on tour this summer? Info here ---> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Anybody Pentaholics planning on seeing us on tour this summer? Ticket info here --> http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ

: Rehearsal today to prepare production for an original song on #PTXVol2 and to perfect our next live @YouTube video! #1MSubscriberVideo

: @rachelhottel hahaha thank you! We appreciate that! Hopefully you get to see us on concert sometime! http://t.co/YVI7hpuuqJ

: @adelaide_alice where?

: Check out @KOlusola's interview with @SABC3 TV @expressoshow! Apparently, KO's wife is to be found in South Africa :) http://t.co/eZbgpxNCTm

: Beautiful morning in LA! How about on y'alls side of the world?

: Finishing up our new arrangement for YouTube!

: Happy Memorial Day ;)

: Oh no big deal, just back in the fort with our @shureinc SM7B mic recording for good ol' #PTXVol2 ;) http://t.co/E5D8iPPDjv

: Aww well thank you :) RT “@jediaellimab: Everytime I listen to @PTXofficial, I wonder... how can someone not love it?”

: @Faipoo well thank you!!

: @becca_uhlean yes we are!!

: @AronAntal777 @YouTube @twitter yessir!

: @FrenchAllin we hope to go soon!

: @BrokenDownLucy @thebenbram well that's not right now, is it? Lol just know its on #PTXVol2 ;)

: @scavi_ptx @thebenbram it's gonna be good!

: @S7evenxD thanks for sharing!!

: @zulfikartito thanks for listening!

: @MitchsSwag very true!

: @MegzClarkie @NathanTheWanted haha we love those guys!

: @WalkOffTheEarth @YouTube @twitter thanks a bunch! Good luck on the song y'all are working on today!

: 1M @YouTube subscribers & now 100K @twitter followers?! Thank U! Pentaholics are the greatest! We're working hard on #PTXVol2 just for u ;)

: @allen_stone it was so amazing to meet you last night! We need to hang and write together!

: @RyanParma thanks for everything you've done!!

: @EricWhitacre YES! Listened to a clip of the piece too. So. Gorgeous. PS still patiently awaiting a chance to arrange something with you!;)

: couldn't have done it without you :) “@thebenbram: Wow. @PTXofficial just hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube. That is absolutely nuts.”

: @tyleroakley thank youuuu!

: @WhatsTrending Thanks y'all!

: Putting up a new video in the next week or so to celebrate a million subscribers! We're very excited about it!

: 1, 000, 000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Un. Real. Thank y'all so much!! http://t.co/CRzJy5T810

: What an incredible night! We sang alongside our heroes, and it was a blast. @QuincyDJones, thank you for the opportunity. #forevergrateful

: @ImmaPentaholic @Manilaconcerts @PTXPhilippines well then Manila concerts lets make it happen!

: Soundcheck done, now lunch then rehearsal for #PTXVol2! #LEGGO

: Soundcheck in two hours for the @QuincyDJones event tonight at the fox theatre in the ATL!

: Flying to the ATL today to prepare for our performance at the @QuincyDJones concert tomorrow! Ticket info here: http://t.co/Y1TJ2gZJD9

: Doing an EPIC collab with the legendary @ChakaKhan! Having the BEST TIME in this beautiful studio! http://t.co/rDrMvW3G3q

: Early morning to start arranging some funk & soul before going into the studio!

: Had a 9 hour rehearsal today! So much on our plate; can't wait to share it with y'all!

: On May 23rd we are performing at the Fox Theatre in ATL for the honorable @QuincyDJones! For tickets, click here: http://t.co/ImpWqPdjtm”

: Check it out! RT “@KOlusola: Mirrors (Justin Timberlake K-O.ver) - Cello Live by Kevin "K-O." Olusola: http://t.co/Gh9d3m6msd via @YouTube

: Check it out! RT “@KOlusola: HERE IT IS! My cello cover of @justintimberlake's "Mirrors"! Like it and share it ;) https://t.co/fTOxrAuqwW”

: #NowPlaying Still Light by The Knife on #Spotify http://t.co/XYE9AYZ3nT

: Night everyone ;)

: @sarahthetran we love that @Imaginedragons!!

: @melanie343 thank you!!

: @melodyscifi that's cool!!

: @JayLee_Photo they were great photos!!

: @gracemarchione hope we see you there!!

: @SarraNiicole @racergurll yeah we are!!

: @QueenOfSassgard we will see you there!

: @A_Mendez16 sowwy ;(

: @prettygirlrene yay see you there!

: @taatiiixoxo hahaha he's doing well on his own lol

: @agneschung thanks a bunch!

: We're going on summer tour! You can find all our tour dates at http://t.co/rRBPYUQOfQ! General Admission and VIP tickets are available!

: Yay! RT “@KOlusola: NEW LIVE CELLO COVER COMING OUT TOMORROW! Can't wait for y'all to hear it ;) #ClassySwagger http://t.co/NSZwgByDtW”

: Good luck to those auditioning for @thesingoff today! And take @thebenbram's advice: be yourself, and have your own unique sound!

: Thanks!! RT “@DelaGrace_96: @PTXofficial does the best covers of songs. I seriously listen to them everyday.”

: Love this!! RT “@MsOhioUS2013: How many @PTXofficial fans will be at @TheDigiTour??? I want to get a group photo with you #pentaholics! :)”

: We don't know if y'all knew this, but Choir nerds >>>>>

: Getting some very much needed R&R this weekend before starting more arranging for a new live @YouTube cover & #PTXVol2 ;)

: About to be at Hollywood & Highland for the next 15-30 min! Come get an @oreo! :)

: Running around LA today singing for y'all! Free song and an @Oreo! nothin better :P

: Tune into Fox's Good Day LA this morning! Performing the new @oreo jingle and another tune ;) #Wonderfilled @GDLA

: Hope everyone wished @kirstin_taylor a happy birthday today ;) it's her 21st!!

: A beautiful morning in LA to make music :) #PTXVol2

: @thestndrd thanks a bunch! It was fun to make!

: Do you want to interview us on tour this summer? Our friends at Mamba are giving you a chance to win! https://t.co/4cZnt1A2WK

: Check out this @ETonlineAlert video on how we helped launched @Oreo's new campaign with @owlcity & @bluejupiterband! http://t.co/giJMnSpctO

: GA and VIP tickets for our new summer tour dates are now on sale!! http://t.co/ZLY6d1xqv7

: @neskirderf we are going to be in the ATL Jul 31st! Go to http://t.co/F23aUBc84l

: @bluejupiterband @A_D_Photo @owlcity @Oreo yeah it was great!!

: Singing the new @Oreo #Wonderfilled song around NYC with @owlcity! So fun! http://t.co/KoAhmCzRxh

: Participating in the #Wonderfilled event today in NYC by @Oreo! Check us out at Union Square at noon singing with other a cappella groups!

: @joelyshmoleyy glad you like it! Hopefully we are coming to your area soon!

: @telefenoticias thank you so much for playing our "Evolution of Music" medley! We wanna go and perform in Argentina sometime!

: NYC - we are going to be harmonizing with @OREO tomorrow for a very special sing-along. Don't miss out on this #wonderfilled event!

: Ahhh SO Excited!!! http://t.co/j1Yu5usMPM

: @BigTeague74 thanks! I don't think we want to do any more competition shows lol. But hope you see us in concert soon!

: Thanks for making this past tour amazing, y'all! Be sure to check our vlog tomorrow that will announce summer dates! http://t.co/eydpBkjcvd

: Wow, Seattle! Thanks for making our last show of tour memorable! http://t.co/P8iCTokFUr

: @P1NKlady4 @TheDigiTour nope. Not at all ;)

: @AXSTeamSeattle @macklemore @showboxsea it was so much fun!!!

: @DarwinMainke thank you!

: @MTempus @LindseyStirling thanks!

: @melissarae316 thank you!

: @leahrau yayayayayay

: @HenryLeMaster thanks a billion!!

: @ssoleilh glad you could come!!

: @Erulisse18 yay!

: @sbakker it was fun!

: @MattMadison53 thanks for coming!

: Just when you thought we were done with touring ;) SUMMER TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT ON MONDAY. GET. READY.

: @PxlatdSmplicity @booshoe37 @thatzak well we hope we can see you at another one of our concerts!!

: @albeysure we will keep doing it big for you guys!!

: @thisH00ligan thanks for coming!

: @dougharkness thank you!

: @rubi_9708 thank you!!

: @caaaathyb wonderful meeting you!

: @amandatranrocks we love y'all!

: @JayLee_Photo @scotthoying @showboxsea it's amazing!

: @JayLee_Photo @kirstin_taylor @showboxsea she does it big!!

: @SaraBareilles we hope your show went well! We love you!!

: @tinkermonkey @showboxsea she could do VIP without being 21! We have lots of families that do the VIP line!

: See you soon!! RT “@NKsMrsRight: The @PTXofficial line for tonight's Seattle show is literally 2 blocks long!!! #theyAREthesh!t”

: Vancouver! 😘 http://t.co/PL9721o1lH

: GREAT night in Spokane! http://t.co/zql2eJyw2n

: Thanks @EW for the shout out! http://t.co/XdMpS8Nsmt

: YAY! RT “@TriciaRizzo: @PTXofficial look who's in this weeks Entertainment Weekly! Congrats guys! #acappellarocks http://t.co/StuFf3xtWG”

: About to enjoy this day in Seattle! But first...rehearsal! #PTXVol2

: About to enjoy this day in Seattle! But first...rehearsal! #PTXVol2

: @naomi_wilson1 we are hoping to do that this year! Not sure when tho :(

: @PTXid incredible!!

: @FishWife7 yay!! Have fun!

: @Music_Junkii 😩

: @naomi_wilson1 thank you ;)

: @lelahbarden @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan that's incredible!!

: @OovikiloO thanks! We are trying to go to Europe and tour soon!

: @jonurbieta thanks! We are hopefully coming to Europe soon to tour!

: Back in the US going to Seattle! Oh what a beautiful morning!

: @estherdraws glad you could see it!

: @bluebay700 @voguetheatre @scotthoying thanks a bunch!!

: @JesseWalkerM thanks!

: @alison_elle it was so fuuuuun!

: @JBoregas @scotthoying YAH BABY

: @dug_chan thanks for coming!

: @m_candy @lemodedujour @voguetheatre thank you!

: @omelusss thank you! And you should ask @Avi_Kaplan himself ;)

: @missLaurissaAnn hahaha thanks ;)

: @akidnamedralph thank you!

: 900K subscribers on @YouTube! Thank you all! We are gearing up for that 1M subscriber party!!

: Thinking about exploring the nightlife in Vancouver...any suggestions?

: Taking the day off to see the beautiful Vancouver! Tickets still available for concert tomorrow at @VogueTheatre! http://t.co/bsygzMVzuU

: Hello Canada!

: @AyooHeber see you another time!

: @Hickman_11 yay!

: @mrsamandajarvis thanks!

: @MyFoundationLyf we were there already!

: SPOKANE! Y'all ready to rock tonight?

: Who is all coming to @KnitSpokane tonight?! Can't wait to perform! Still some tix left :D http://t.co/NNGdlkmKnP

: Performed at the @Nike campus today! So fun!! Thanks for the @NikeFuel bands; can't wait to try em out :) http://t.co/0iID58N1se

: Avi signing an autograph for the most adorable little girl! We love you, Emily! http://t.co/wvqhy9q4x3

: Portland was INCREDIBLE!!! http://t.co/x94fVSAsAM

: @AmadoLumbaJr you are the man, Amado! Thank you so much for taking us around! We love the campus!!

: @punkemkt @lindseystirling @jnnayint glad y'all like it!!

: 90s party on the tour bus!!! ;)

: We hear you, Portland! We are excited!!

: Don't forget to follow our personal accounts! :) @Avi_Kaplan @KOlusola @kirstin_taylor @scotthoying @mitchgrassi

: Performing at @CrystalPortland tonight! Only a few tickets left! :) http://t.co/op1bizHUpQ

: @Lucy_Doylee thank you ;) we hope to go to Britain soon!

: @kayypeeisme tickets are only 30 dollars!

: Boise, you were incredible tonight! Oh how much we loved performing for y'all!!

: @lisalala4lyfe the only official meet and greet is for those that bought VIP tickets!

: @itsanoutlet yay!!

: @yourunclesayshi haha thank you!

: @Mibeclin so happy you could come!!

: @SallyBSquared so happy you attended!!

: @brokensoftly97 thanks for coming ;)

: @H2oDryGuy it was pretty close!!

: @SallyBSquared great choir!!

: @kdawg1978 thank you!!!

: @KelseyBoo23 we love you!!

: @RobinLeeJensen thanks for coming!!

: @mcfeeley wow we appreciate that!!

: @camelScriptics glad you enjoyed it!

: @jaydeward5 yaaay!!

: @AnjaKurtagic Awww thank you ;)

: @ginger_noland @avi_kaplan @mitchgrassi so happy you attended our concert!

: @yourunclesayshi thanks for everything!!

: @flattlander19 @knitboise glad you came!!

: @CharlotteIPT thanks for coming ;)

: Boise!!! Y'all ready?!?

: Thank you, Missoula!! http://t.co/NXg1xe5XFp

: @Marco_Di_Palma thanks! We hope to be in Europe soon!

: @kdawg1978 see you soon!!

: @IAmMafyow thanks a bunch!!

: @SuperJCastro thanks a bunch!!

: @KathrynDavi35 sounds like a good time!!!

: @SheylaNYC yay see us!

: @nandoleitte uhhh...translation? Lol

: @aldeanp we are trying to make it just right!

: Yeah, we love @KOlusola! RT “@Makenna_Hoying: @PTXof